Peter Mills, Co-CEO of Wyse Meter Solutions Inc., joins us to discuss how his business came to be considered among Canada’s ‘best of the best’, the company’s recent successes and his plans for the business’ future.

Wyse provides endto-end submetering, utility billing and contract management solutions to the Canadian multi-residential and commercial markets. Their suite of services includes tenant utility and ancillary billing, metering equipment installation and maintenance, bill auditing and advocacy, daily meter reads allowing for leak detection, utility expense management, resident payment processing, contract management and due diligence services.

During the years they have been operating, the company has hit milestones and has contributed toward efforts to make Canadian energy more sustainable. Peter begins by expressing how it feels to be included in a feature detailing the ‘best of the best’ in Canada and what the honor means for his company.

“We’re elated to be acknowledged among Canada’s ‘best.’ Wyse’s five-year revenue growth of 2,604% reinforces that customers are crying out for a submetering provider with an innovative and client-centric approach. Our exceptional team of dedicated, knowledgeable and responsive professionals earns the trust of customers every day. Our range of services has not only ignited the industry, but it has also contributed to making Canada more sustainable. In 2016, Wyse saved over 45 million kWh and reduced 31,625 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 819,596 trees grown for ten years.

“The culture and drive for excellence at Wyse only grows stronger. Our leadership in submetering and utility expense management services in Canada is a direct result of a clear vision, delivered with precision through a commitment to our customers. It’s why we heavily invest in our corporate culture. Wyse’s ‘Summer Flex Hours Program’ enables employees to enjoy an early start to summer weekends with adjusted work hours. Our ‘Quarterly Bonus Program’ is structured so that all nonexecutive employees participate equally. We believe employees are the fuel to success in expansion and exemplary customer service.”

Continuing to discuss his company’s success, Peter tells us more about Wyse Meter Solution Inc.’s innovations and the services they have introduced to shake-up the way utility expenses are handled.
“Wyse pioneered utility expense management services in Canada by offering the SYNERGY service. SYNERGY is a comprehension solution that allows building owners and managers to focus on their core competencies, offloading all utility expense responsibilities onto our experts. Wyse’s team handles all aspects of utility expense management, including auditing and processing, reporting and benchmarking, and advocacy to resolve utility provider issues on our clients’ behalf. SYNERGY ticks all the right boxes for clients who want greater visibility into their utility spend, simultaneously freeing their staff from administrative burdens. We have over 750 buildings on SYNERGY and growing.”

Detailing what his company does, Peter discusses the aims, objectives and customer-oriented processes Wyse Meter Solutions Inc is built on.

“At Wyse, we recognize we are in a service business. Our job is to reduce clients’ burden in managing utility bills and information; to bring to their attention important information related to their expenses; and, to allow them to focus on key priorities. We provide seamless customer service, where any customer can get live assistance in seconds with a phone call. We deliver our services on time and on budget. We provide clear and transparent billing with all backup documentation allowing clients’ staff to easily audit our invoicing every month.

“The Wyse senior management team has over 190 years of combined experience in development, property management and submetering services. We have trusted relationships with Canada’s
largest property developers, owners and managers, and utilize that experience to deliver first-rate services customized to our client’s needs.

Continuous innovation is part of Wyse Meter Solution Inc.’s DNA. They thrive on the ability to work as one team, staying nimble and committed to customer relationships. There are no silos at Wyse. At the top, Wyse’s leadership team possesses a keen sense of the customers’ needs and a strong vision for future success. They train and mentor their staff to develop new ways to solve clients’ challenges. Time and again, you’ll see Wyse’s sales, operations, billing & IT teams collaborate to design and implement a submetering solution that no one else in the industry can bring to the table. Simply put, they singularly focus on empowering customers with the most innovative programs in the industry.

When discussing the aspects of Wyse Meter Solutions, which set the company apart from its competitors in the energy services industry, Peter states:
“What sets us apart is our superior ability to make life easier for building owners, operators and residents. More than a provider, Wyse is a partner, and we’re committed to helping clients achieve their energy management and financial goals. Through an exclusive partnership with Conservice, the largest submetering and utility management company in North America, we offer the most sophisticated billing platform on the continent and the best customer service possible.

“It’s a point of difference because we deliver the deepest utility insights for our busy clients. They gain transparent, accessible data allowing for better control of utility costs at each property, and it is available at their fingertips. In fact, all services are delivered with unmatched transparency, and we put service level commitments in our contracts.

“Wyse comprehensively trains clients at all levels of their organization, so everyone is very comfortable with our turnkey programs and advanced capabilities. We’re the only provider in Canada with the expertise to integrate with clients’ property management software and automatically pull new resident data daily, reducing their onsite staff’s workload.” “Our customer service team takes great pride in helping residents reduce their utility costs through reduced consumption. Wyse offers an extended hour call center that delivers services in 26 languages, answering calls within seconds. We provide easy, self-monitoring tools for residents to monitor and manage their usage. We’ve got full online services, so residents can conveniently enroll, auto-pay, receive e-bills, and more.”

Finally, Peter tells us where he sees the business in the future and what his plans are for expansion.
“The success of Wyse’s unique approach to submetering in Canada has turned a lot of heads in other markets. We’ve recently expanded into New York City to meet the overwhelming demand for a submetering solution that provides administration fees and customer service levels superior to local utility providers, without any upfront capital costs. Here at home, we see new opportunities to grow our ancillary services, which is something clients are asking for.”

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