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In recent news, iPass Inc. announced the iPass Mobile Security Report 2017. The results reveal that 40% of organizations believe that C-level executives, including the CEO, are most at risk of being hacked when working outside of the office. Cafés and coffee shops were ranked the number one high-risk venue by 42% of respondents, from a list also including airports (30%), hotels (16%), exhibition centers (7%) and airplanes (4%). Most (93%) of respondents said they were concerned about the security challenges posed by a growing mobile workforce. Almost half (47%) said they were ‘very’ concerned, up from 36% in 2016.

In other corporate news, Crown Global Insurance Company of America, a member of Crown Global Insurance Group LLC announced that it has been ranked as the U.S. life insurance industry’s fastest-growing group or standalone entity in 2016, according to criteria set forth by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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