For more than 70 years, CaroMont Health has been committed to its vision to be a recognized leader and trusted partner in promoting individual health and vibrant communities. Doug, who has been with CaroMont Health for six years and believes himself to be Chief Encourager, Coach, Resource Provider and Strategist, outlines how the organization achieves its aim through dedication and expertise.

“Here at CaroMont Health, our network of physician practices, urgent care, hospice and emergency facilities is anchored by CaroMont Regional Medical Center – a 435-bed, not-for-profit hospital. The hospital was first established in 1946 to serve the medical needs of the citizens of Gaston County. Many years and expansions later, our mission remains focused on caring for the people and communities we serve.

“What has always distinguished CaroMont Health from other healthcare systems is the extraordinary care we provide to patients and those who love them. Our dedicated team combines the skill and experience of worldclass practitioners with a distinctly human, neighbourly approach to compassionate care.”

Doug started his career by serving in the United States Army Infantry. Following on from his service, he completed the Radiologic Technology Program from Jefferson State Community College in 1989 and began a healthcare career as a Radiologic Technologist. He joined CaroMont Health in December 2010 as Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. The following June, he accepted the role of acting CEO, while also fulfilling EVP/COO duties, in order to maintain executive leadership during a CEO transition and in 2013, he officially assumed the helm as President and CEO.

With more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, Doug has strong experience supporting staff and leading teams. He discusses the most important aspects of leadership and how he aims to embody these at all times.

“When managing staff, it is of vital importance that you always show the utmost respect to them and offer a caring culture where they feel supported. Our corporate culture, which is best defined and explained by our corporate CARES values – compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and safety – is how I structure my management approach. While each value is important to our mission, our compassion for our patients and each other sets us apart. The acronym for our CARES values aligns perfectly with our mission and vision as an organization as well as my own.

“Our corporate pillars also help guide me, my actions and decision-making on behalf of the organization, our employees and our patients. These integrated pillars are our commitment to our stakeholders and to each other. As a healthcare system, we have a high responsibility unlike other industries, and this obligation underscores the services we offer, the care we provide, the stakeholders we interact with and the way we interact with our community.”

“Fundamentally I always strive to lead a system that will be a model for other local, independent health systems; to provide as good or better value than large delivery systems.”

“Listening is also key to being a successful leader; throughout my career and my experience raising my daughter, I have learned to wait until the conversation is finished, rather than start prescribing answers. You have to let all the information come in before you offer your advice. I have also had to learn self-discipline and how to remove self-bias in order to truly listen and understand the other person.

Doug is passionate about building on the success that CaroMont Health has already achieved and is keen to create a legacy of excellence by continuing to develop and adapt.
“Fundamentally I always strive to lead a system that will be a model for other local, independent health systems; to provide as good or better value than large delivery systems. In five years, I hope to see myself continuing to improve CaroMont Health. I am invested in our employees and in our community and I want to see both of them grow.

“In order to achieve this, one of the areas I focus on is mentorship. I see a host of young talent that will make great future executive leaders. Our industry is high stakes and I aim to provide these aspiring leaders with mentors who have the knowledge and experience to share in a safe and supportive environment. I look forward to the opportunity to work with and develop new talent and watch them flourish.”

Company: CaroMont Health
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