System One is synonymous with energy staffing and services. From on-demand staffing and onsite managed partnerships to a full suite of quality assurance programs, Chris Taylor and his team are the go-to source for power producers, utilities, OEMs, and EPCs on the market today. Serving every sector in the vast energy marketplace from the Corporate HQ in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, System One has built lasting relationships on the power of its processes and the strength of its customer service. Energy staffing is very much System One’s business.

Chris Taylor, who started out as a Recruiter staffing nuclear power plant outages, describes his role within the company. “I mainly focus on staffing Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection Personnel,” he says. “Our Inspectors go in and ensure that all of the welds on the pipes are secure. They inspect the thickness of large pipes that have steam and boiling water that run through them.”

Chris also cites the prominent role that System One has attained within the industry, commenting upon its wider recognition, and the integrity of the service that it provides as an essential component for clients with large-scale projects to run that require an authoritative voice on quality assurance. “After five years in the industry, our company won an exclusive Vendor On-Site Contract with Westinghouse Electric; I sat onsite at Westinghouse’s Nuclear Worldwide Corporate HQ.

Any time that Westinghouse needed a contractor, they either walked down the hall to see me, or they called me from one of their sites across the country. It might have been a New Grad Degreed Engineer, a Buyer, a Project Manager with Steam Generator Replacement experience, a Design Technician, an Administrative Assistant, a Programmer, or a Nuclear Finite Element Analyst. If it was a job for a contractor, they had to utilize System One.”

When Chris first started at Westinghouse Electric as an on-site recruiter, there were 40 contractors performing these high-level services; by the time he had left, this had grown close to, if not more than, 1,000. This experience underpins the wider success enjoyed by System One. Even as the staffing and services firm has expanded its service offerings and national reach, it has maintained the notion that true value for clients and candidates comes from deep domain knowledge, such as can only really be known by specialized energy recruiters and account managers, many of whom have direct energy experience themselves.

System One has also demonstrated a great flair for flexibility and adaptation – never ones to be left behind by the growth of new sectors of the construction industry, Chris and his team made the decision to build a Natural Gas and Pipeline Division when the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Opportunity popped up right in their back yard. This is a direct continuation of System One’s committed role.
“We have always been active in staffing and servicing the energy sector,” says Chris. “We believe that if a client hires a large number of contractors, then they should consider using System One, and only System One. We will put a team of individuals right on-site

“I think LinkedIn is a gift from God to Staffing Professionals,”

at the client location at our cost. Payroll Manager, A recruiter, an Account Manager, completely dedicated to that client. That client will find tremendous cost savings. If there is a problem, they have one point of contact. They have one invoice. All of their contractors are paid the same way, and they also have all of the same benefits.”

Speaking as a specialist whose job involves placating and satisfying the needs and wants of numerous parties, including the client, the contractor and System One as a whole, Chris gains real fulfilment when a plan comes together and everyone is very happy – “in particular, my employer the client, and most importantly, the hard-working contractor and professional that gets up every day, goes to work and takes care of business in order to support his or her family.”

Building on this sentiment, Chris comments upon the advent of new technologies that make it easier than ever before to quicken the pace of recruiting worthy individuals to contract with System One, and contribute to the dynamic enterprise that he is building. “I think LinkedIn is a gift from God to Staffing Professionals,” he says, “as it enables you to build relationships, keep an eye on who is hiring, where past contractors are working now, who is actively looking for employment, etc.”

Chris realises that a contractor’s reputation in this business can tend to quickly. Expanding upon some of the challenges faced in the competitive industry for staffing agencies such as System One, Chris comments, “you must be 100 per cent honest and upfront when communicating with your clients and your contractors. If you put good people into good opportunities that your clients have open, great things happen. You cannot just slam bodies into an opening. You must look at it from every angle. Your clients rely on you being an expert at what you do. Your contractors are trusting you with their families ’ futures. You must keep that as your number one priority.

Nonetheless, by communicating effectively and making sure that everyone in the company is on the same page, Chris anticipates an exciting future for SystemOne as the construction industry continues to offer greater and greater opportunities to take on many new contractors, and continue to affect the lives of contractors everywhere.

Company: System One Holdings, LLC
Contact: Christopher M. Taylor
Address: 12 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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