What sets Duane Thomas and his firm apart from the competition? It’s the level of personal service that is provided, making each and every client feel that they matter.

Auto accidents can be traumatizing and emotionally damaging experiences. On top of trying to get in to see a good doctor for their injuries, injury victims are faced with paying for living expenses, medical bills and even property damage. Attorney, Duane Thomas, offers exceptional personal injury representation for victims harmed in an auto accident in Lake City, Live Oak, Lake Butler, Jasper, Mayo, Obrien, High Springs, White Springs and the surrounding areas.

Duane Thomas is not a huge law firm made up of hundreds of attorneys as are some of the large ‘big city’ firms that advertise in the local North Central Florida small towns and communities. But what Duane Thomas offers is the ability to pick up the phone and speak to him personally, or stop by and talk with him one-onone about a case.

Although Duane and his experienced support staff handle a tremendous number of motor vehicle accidents and premise liability cases every year, you still have the ability to meet, talk and communicate with Duane personally as the case progresses.

Perhaps the greatest advantage that Duane can offer his clients is that after so many years of dealing with injured clients and the medical professionals that treat them in the North Florida Area, Duane knows and has a personal relationship with almost all of the very best diagnostic physicians and board-certified orthopedic and neurosurgeons in North Florida.

This means that clients can get the best treatment possible, and build the best medical record possible to help made the best monetary recovery possible in each case. This has earned Duane and his support staff a fantastic reputation throughout the area for tough and thorough representation in all types of accident cases.

Duane is a 1966 graduate of Columbia High School where he was Student Body President and played linebacker and fullback for the Tigers. After high school, Duane began the pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming an attorney by attending LCCC and then the University of Fla.
From 1969-71, Duane spent two years in Argentina as a missionary for the LDS Church, and became fluent in Spanish. In 1972 he received his Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Business Finance.

In 1975 Duane received his law degree from the University of Florida, where he graduated with High Honors, 4th in his class, and was admitted to the Florida Bar.

In 1986, Duane was elected County Attorney of Columbia County, Florida and served 2 years as such. After a very diverse legal experience in the early part of his career, Duane has focused the last 22 years of his law practice in the areas of Personal Injury/auto accidents, Workers’ Compensation, and Social Security Disability. Duane represents hundreds of people each year in recovering money damages for their injuries from auto accidents, work place injuries, and premises liability cases.
Thirty-four years later, Duane is at the very pinnacle of his legal career.

Duane E. Thomas is a native of Lake City, FL. Duane and his beautiful wife Karen have seven children and seven grandchildren. Duane and Karen remain active in their Church and Duane is also a lover of old cars, with his hobby being the restoration of his classic 1965 Pontiac GTO.

Although Duane has been very blessed in his law practice and has affected the lives of many people, his greatest joy is in spending time with his family and in staying active with his children and grandchildren.

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