Corporate America Unveils the 2016 Dispute Resolution Awards Winners

United States, November 2016 – Corporate America announces the winners of the 2016 Dispute Resolution Awards.

Unfortunately, not every business enjoys a smooth journey as it strives for success and as such they rely on the expertise and dedication of the professionals who dedicate their lives to ensuring that their clients minimise the disruption to their business in any industry and receive the very best outcome possible.

As such we have established the 2016 Dispute Resolution Awards in order to reward and recognize those firms that take the work diligently to ensure that their clients can minimise the impact of these often costly, time consuming and distracting events.

Katherine Benton, Awards Co-ordinator, expressed his pride in the award winners: “Dispute resolution is a vital aspect of the legal industry, and as such we are truly honored to be able to turn the spotlight on the dedicated firms and the professionals behind them that support clients to ensure that their dispute is resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. I would like to wish my winners every success in the future.”

All winners for the awards were the result of months of research and analysis from Corporate America’s dedicated awards team. As a result, each and every winner was chosen on merit only, and can take great pride from the fact that they were selected for their success.

To find out more about the best of the best in the legal, please visit the Corporate America website ( for full a full winners’ list and a link to our winners’ supplement.



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