Cases filed against Schutt Sports and Xenith.


Riddell, Inc. has filed lawsuits against Schutt Sports, Inc. and Xenith, LLC claiming both helmet manufacturers are infringing several patents covering Riddell’s football helmet technologies.


The Schutt complaint identifies the Vengeance line of varsity (Z10, Pro, VTD, VTD II and DCT) and youth (DCT, DCT Hybrid and DCT Hybrid) helmet models, as well as all varsity and youth football helmets that include the “Quarter Turn Release System,” including but not limited to helmets in the Vengeance, Ion4D, AiR XP, and DNA model lines. As to Xenith, the complaint identifies the varsity and youth EPIC and X2E helmets.


Riddell’s patents embody its investment in developing key features of football helmets that provide athletes with benefits in protection and performance. Riddell’s lawsuit is aimed at protecting its investment in these innovations, which both Schutt and Xenith are using without Riddell’s approval.


“Riddell is the leader in football innovation and has advanced the game with the introduction of new technologies directed to player protection and performance,” said Dan Arment, President of Riddell. “These innovations are the result of Riddell’s continued industry-leading investment in research and development. We intend to protect that investment by enforcing our intellectual property portfolio when competitors unfairly use our patented technology.”


The lawsuits seek to prevent further patent infringement and to award Riddell appropriate damages for past patent infringement.