Lombard International, a global leader in wealth structuring solutions for the high net worth market, has announced the appointment of Michael Gordon as CEO of its U.S. operations effective May 2, 2016. He will report to John Hillman, Executive Chairman of Lombard International.


He joins Lombard International from his role as Global Head of Insurance Solutions at BNY Mellon. Additionally, he served as Chief Executive Officer of Tiber Capital Management, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNY Mellon focused on managing assets for insurance and reinsurance companies. Before BNY Mellon, Mr. Gordon was an executive at New York Life Insurance Company, leading investment and insurance product management, sales and marketing functions.


The announcement is part of a series of strategic developments for Lombard International including the formal launch, in September 2015, of its global life insurance-based wealth management business. This announcement followed the successful integration of Luxembourg-headquartered Lombard International Assurance with U.S.-headquartered Philadelphia Financial.


John Hillman, Executive Chairman of Lombard International, said: “We are thrilled to have someone of Michael’s experience and background to guide Lombard International in meeting our aggressive ambitions for U.S. growth and achieving our goal of building a world class investment platform.”


The firm is a leading global life insurance-based wealth solutions provider, combining the strength and expertise of two specialist life insurance companies with over 20 years’ experience and market leadership in their respective fields.  Lombard International provides wealth structuring solutions using private placement life insurance and annuity products to high net worth individuals, their families and institutions around the globe.


The global group, branded as Lombard International, launched to market in September 2015. With head offices located in Luxembourg and Philadelphia, a combined global presence enables Lombard International to serve clients’ complex needs on a global basis while being sensitive to local cultures and attitudes. The firm is an industry leader in providing multi-jurisdictional wealth planning solutions through its partner networks across the United States, Europe and Latin America, issuing life insurance policies and annuities from the United States, Luxembourg, Guernsey and Bermuda.