Welcome to the November issue of Corp America Magazine.

With a long and divisive election season now over, America faces a prospect that is unlike any other that it has faced in recent decades. In order to encourage the markets and spur on continued investment in American enterprises and markets, the country faces a crucial period of critical evaluation, ahead of the inauguration of the next President in January 2017.

With this in mind, Corp America Magazine endeavours to provide a window into a nation whose markets have, in the past, proven resilient to upsets and disturbances. The American middle market economies, after all, were among those least affected by the financial crisis of 2008. Today, companies up and down the country continue to demonstrate this same sense of unrelenting ambition. In particular, Greco and Sons’ crucial role as a food distributor across a swathe of America, including pretty much all of the Southwest, demonstrates a deep-seated drive for continued expansion and capitalisation; this will very much form a fulcrum to this rethinking of American corporate strategy in an ever-changing economy.

Much of the challenges facing American businesses are related to the quickening pace and adoption of new technologies that are designed to control and sustain the growth of these companies. Through cohesive strategies and close collaboration between employees, as well as an affinity for effective customer relations and staff management, Quality Business Solutions aim to make the most of this evolving entrepreneurial landscape to offer their clientele a robust range of integrated services designed to make more businesses familiar with increasingly prevalent advanced business terms and practices.

Also, in relation to effective staff management, Jayne Jenkins of the Churchill Leadership Group, Inc., returns to Corp America to offer her insight into role of effective coaching as a means of inspiring further growth within a company. As America approaches a juncture in its leadership, so too do many companies facing the challenge of successfully internalising their coaching culture to make their employees more independent.

Recent events may have taken America down a new and unexpected route, but the performances of the country’s corporations are expected to only continue offering up archetypal displays of ingenuity, and the efficacy of such institutions is paramount to the continued prosperity of not only America, but of a fair slice of the wider world along with it.

It is therefore our obligation and pleasure at Corp America Magazine to provide our own impassioned insight into the goings-on of America’s dynamic economy, from digital startups
like Websites Depot, Inc. in Los Angeles, to the distinguishable identity of Genesis Marketing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When we return in December, we hope to bring you yet more in-depth commentary as America settles into a new rhythm.

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