Andy Khawaja is the founder and CEO of Allied Wallet, America’s fastest growing online global credit card processor, providing state-of-the-art services to merchants and consumers over a global platform.


The company accommodates global merchants to transact different currencies from banks around the world, also giving users the opportunity to shop online and pay through a secure and safe online gateway of finance. Everything is based in-house, so no services are outsourced via third party to make sure customers’ credit card data and security is of paramount importance and is kept in secure.


As CEO, Andy’s role involves overseeing the company’s day to day operations as a whole, and ensuring each department is run with efficiency and ease. Andy shares his entrepreneurial knowledge with his team members, bringing out their best and helping grow his brand bigger and better.


Getting involved with his team members is something Andy takes pride in as he believes this brings new innovative ideas to the table and inspires his team to become future pioneers.


Not only does Andy dedicate his time to his team members, but he also devotes equal energy and time directly to his customers, getting involved in every way possible, from taking customer query calls, to reading up on any dissatisfied customer complaints and coming up with solutions to keep customers happy and running the business successfully. Being strong minded and focused is something Andy passes down to his employees and promotes within the business, creating a positive and free thinking environment.


As CEO, Andy realises it is imperative to produce products that customers would like to use as the company caters to a wide range of clients and merchants around the globe. Making sure the merchants and customers are satisfied with the quality of service and products received is one of Andy’s keys to success, along with constantly developing innovation to produce breakthrough content.


Allied wallet has always found a way to accommodate merchants with functions that other companies don’t have; providing them with ways to generate more money and profit, making them the premier company in the market. The company recognises its users and stores their credit card details online on their secures system so that users are able to pay by the click of a button, rather than having to type out all their credit details numerous times to make payment on various online platforms. Having their own facility as part of their online service makes the company one of the safest and secure credit card processors in the world, allowing its users to gain control and enjoy a safe and easy service that also protects their sensitive information from being hacked or misused.


The innovative, pioneering functions that Allied Wallet offers are the result of Andy’s vast travels through Europe and Asia, where he discovers new ideas and finds inspiration for advanced, unique solutions.


Andy is heavily involved in the firm’s technological development sector, plays a big part in developing ideas and solutions to take the company forward to new heights and stay on top of the market.


This hands-on approach stems from Andy’s interest in entrepreneurship. Andy has always been drawn to innovative people who create new ideas and breakthrough solutions, as he himself gave up a career in computer science to venture into the world of innovation. Since then he has always had a vision to make a difference in the technology industry.


Looking to the future, Andy provides us with a fascinating insight into what is to come for Allied Wallet.


“We are launching a new product called ‘Next Generation’, an API platform that will be able to integrate itself to any system, making the process easy and simple. We are looking at launching the product in early June 2016,” said Khawaja.


“We’ve also seen apps and social media increase in popularity, so we plan to offer state-of-the-art solutions and features in these markets moving forward,” he continued.


Lastly, Khawaja added, “…through our partnership with Merrill Lynch we are looking at launching an IPO in the New York stock exchange and are very happy about the future of our alliance. It’s a great achievement to partner up with them and we are excited to see what the future holds.”