Fidelus Technologies LLC specialises in Cisco unified communication and collaboration solutions.

Fidelus Technologies, headquartered in New York City, is the industry’s leading integrator and managed services provider of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) Solutions including core telephony, unified video, instant messaging, presence and web collaboration. Fidelus, a firm recognized for their commitment to customer service and their hard working, tight knit culture, builds close partnerships with their clients to determine the best collaboration solutions to drive business outcomes. These solutions increase productivity and/or reduce costs by embedding collaboration technologies into business processes to streamline workflow.

These are interesting times for collaboration technology providers. While there is a view that these technologies are becoming commoditized as a result of IP telephony becoming more mainstream, Ron Rosansky, a co-founder and CEO of Fidelus believes that is far from the truth. “The reality is that most companies that implement unified communications solutions leverage those solutions for mobility and business continuity, but otherwise it’s just an advanced telephone system.”  The team at Fidelus believes that after implementing an IP telephony system that is working as designed, there is still more to do. “This is where we’ve put a lot of energy and candidly, have taken calculated risks. After implementing a telephony environment we have more to deliver from a collaboration embedded business process perspective,” said Rosansky, “This is where the greatest value is.” 

In an effort to deliver that value, in 2009 Fidelus technologies began a software development organization with the goal of developing customized and turn key collaborations solutions that tie core collaboration technologies into business workflow.  Moreover, in 2013 after selling their software through roughly 120 of Fidelus’ competitors, Fidelus decided to break out the software organization into an independently run business, now Akkadian Labs, to avoid potential channel partner conflicts. Today, Akkadian Labs continues to gain market share with their core products, Akkadian Console Operator, Akkadian Provisioning Manager Express, and Global Directory.  All were built to enhance overall user friendliness and bring simplicity to Cisco’s Unified Communications environment. Today, Akkadian Labs has over 200 channel partners.

From a pure integration and managed services perspective, Fidelus believes that businesses are just scratching the surface in the collaboration space and are working with clients to incorporate more advanced features into their workflow.  As a result, Fidelus launched a formal Collaboration Lifecycle Practice that enables clients and prospects to see where their company is on a collaboration adoption lifecycle and work with those clients to further incorporate these technologies into there business processes.  “This has been an opportunity for us to be more intentional around a comprehensive consultative practice.  We are already seeing the benefits of this more extensive framework.”

Fidelus provides services globally to professional service (legal, accounting, engineering), healthcare and financial firms, and recently announced a joint venture to expand their networking, wireless and security practice.

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