Linda Hamilton started her career with Coopers & Lybrand (now Pricewater­houseCoopers) and founded her own firm more than 25 years ago. We invit­ed Linda to talk us through her experi­ence and how this has shaped her busi­ness and the services it provides.


My firm works with clients in the U.S. and across the globe including businesses, nonprofit entities and high-net-worth indi­viduals. Primarily I advise clients on federal, state and local tax matters and provide financial coaching, and outsourced CFO and controller services.


Our mission is to go beyond compliance and number crunching to help our customers understand the story behind their numbers so they can make smarter financial decisions. We talk to clients on a monthly or quarterly basis about revenue growth, profits, and cash flow. These meaningful discussions lead to actionable steps business owners can take to improve performance and make smart money decisions.


We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach, and as such we make sure that we understand each customer’s aspirations, pain points and business goals. Only then can we share solutions to business, accounting and technology challenges. Using perfor­mance dashboards including financial and non-financial ratios business owners and nonprofit leaders we work with are able to monitor key performance indicators against industry benchmarks and business and financial goals.


In addition, we partner with best of breed technology partners to deliver state of the art technology solutions that integrate with accounting systems. This allows us to provide real-time financial data for smarter, more informed decision making.


Our core values include:


• Respect and integrity


• Empathy, simplicity and clarity


• Continuous learners and teachers


• Be problem solvers


These values affect every aspect of our work and we always endeavor to use them to provide our clients with the highest possible quality of service.


Accounting and tax rules are constantly changing. In keeping with our core value of continuous learning and teaching, we regularly attend industry conferences, teach workshops for business own­ers and leaders, and maintain an extensive research library.


Overall we are honored to win a Finance Award and be recognized in the “Best Small Business Accountant” category. Success means different things to everyone. For me it is about legacy. I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and mentoring young women interested in starting their own business and in accounting as a profession.


Contact Details


Company: Linda A Hamilton, CPA LLC


Name: Linda Hamilton


Email: [email protected]




Address: 555 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017


Phone: (212) 850 – 2521