Downtown Mobiletech specialises in the repair and sale of computers, including laptops, tablets and desktops. We spoke to Matt Rocker about the additional services his firm provides to his community.

Alongside my shop selling and repairing computer equipment, I also conduct education in computer literacy for people in disadvantaged local communities.

One recent project I have undertaken, in collaboration with a local non-profit organisation, is to connect and provide free wifi for 1000 disadvantaged households. Recipients of the scheme are also entitled to a subsidised computer from my store.

Projects such as this are vital for the local community as they help support the education of both adults and young people, as well as supporting those in the most disadvantaged communities to make their lives better through technology, for example learning skills which could help them to get a better job.

Additionally many schools require pupils to have a computer, and those without can find their education suffers dramatically, so by supporting households that cannot afford a computer without help we are supporting the education of children.

Working in this area can be challenging, as keeping up with clients evolving needs can be tough, and this challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that the technology industry is also constantly changing. However, I am a firm believer in finding a niche and developing it, and as such I have built a successful business in the repairs, sales and installations sector and constantly conduct research in this specific area in order to retain my success.

Offering a high quality service is a vital aspect of my work, and as such I always look for staff who are not just highly qualified but who are also good with people. Our approach is always to tell the truth, because ultimately it is counterproductive to promise to fix a product if this is not possible.

As such we always endeavour to help our customers understand what is wrong with their machine when repairing it, so that they have faith that we are doing the right thing. We aim to get everything right first time so the client does not have to keep returning to the store.

Moving forward we are due to open a new store in July, and as such we are currently preparing for this. The new premises will provide us with exciting opportunities to grow the business and better serve our clients and community.

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