Citreas provides turn-key solutions to meet data compliance requirements through CAPS and identity theft needs through its flagship product, CIM+. 

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Citreas was built based on providing real-time, easy to use solutions for business and individuals.

The firm’s goal is to provide a personal professional service at all times, therefore staff strive to provide customers with industry leading, innovative solutions and excellent service in the fight against identity theft and cyber risk at an affordable price.

In order to achieve this the company developed a platform that delivers an easy to understand, simple data compliance and risk management solution for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and a truly comprehensive identity management / recovery solution that is faster and more accurate than any other solution.

The products can be used to secure both personal and corporate data, ensuring that everyone’s data can be protected by the high quality solutions the firm offers.

Within their personal data security offering the firm provides CIM+, Complete Identity Manager Plus with Identity Monitoring, delivers a state of the art proactive solution designed to minimize an individual or family’s risk of identity theft through daily monitoring.

Unlike any other solution that exists today, the Citreas CIM+ can respond to any identity theft incident in real-time providing you with the fastest, most accurate identity theft recovery solution available. CIM+ responds immediately to an identity theft and allows the victim to complete a recovery in as little as one day. 

The firm also offer CIM+ for business, as well as a number of solutions for businesses seeking to ensure their cyber security, including the Citreas DBR, a tailored full service approach to handling a data breach.  Designed to respond quickly and accurately to a data breach the DBR services works in conjunction with our other CAPSTM components or as a stand alone.

In the event that a breach occurs, DBR immediately ensures the proper steps are taken throughout the breach process. The firm’s goal is to manage the breach and help clients minimize and control the damage to their organization as a result of a breach.

DBR is available as a proactive solution or as an immediate breach response service.  DBR ensures clients’ organization meets all federal, state and/or industry regulations regarding a data breach. Data Breach Response is included in the Cyber Asset Protection Suite.

Alongside this the firm also offers a Cyber Asset Protection Suite, which is designed to provide clients with an affordable suite of solutions for their cyber, data and security needs.

Comprehensive Dynamic ISP is a written information security policy that includes real-time updates. CyberSight is a safe, non-intrusive network vulnerability assessment that identifies  your system weaknesses and security gaps. Business Identity Theft Protection is a real-time fully managed identity restoration solution.

Data Breach Response is a tailored full service approach to handling a data breach.  Designed to respond quickly and accurately to a data breach the Data Breach Response services works in conjunction with our other CAPS components or as a stand alone.

Ultimately the firm’s unique data protection solutions can be used for every aspect of both personal and professional online security.

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