Elastic Cloud Gate is a leading SaaS provider for advanced management and automation of Amazon AWS resources. Remek Hetman talks us through the firm and the techniques it has used to win this prestigious accolade.  

Elastic Cloud Gateprovide comprehensive solutions for users who want to automate their AWS management tasks, including:

•           Automated EC2 and EBS backup, including cross-region backups;

•           Schedule retention for old backup, including Storage Gateway;

•           Schedule start/stop instances;

•           Multi-user environment managing;

•           Open security groups tracking;

•           Public open S3 buckets tracking;

•           AWS network diagram generation;

•           Multiple AWS account management;

•           Quick reviews of AWS resources;

•           On-demand jobs tracking;

•           Trusted advisor review.

We also assist clients in managing AWS tasks that cannot be managed directly from the AWS console, such as creating and managing Simple Database or disaster recovery.

An example of a client we have recently been working with is a foreign government agency that contacted us to assist them with server backups: they were struggling to maintain copies of all their EC2 servers and EBS volumes. They also required simple, efficient, reliable tools to reduce their AWS costs by shutting down EC2 server based on a schedule.

Through our portal, they are now able to schedule backups of EC2 instances and EBS volumes on both a regular and periodic basis. They are also now able to automate copying of EC2 images to different AWS regions, which allows them to restore servers even in the event of an outage in the primary region. Additionally, their monthly AWS costs are now a fraction of what they were, thanks to automating their servers’ run period and overnight shutdown.

Another recent client contacted us to setup and manage disaster recovery for 50+ customer AWS accounts. The primary goal was to replicate the current AWS setup for each account in a different region, to allow rapid server restoration in the event of an outage in their primary region.

Our portal allowed them to meet their operational goals. Through the Elastic Cloud Gate Disaster Recovery tool, they can easily and efficiently setup a destination region for regular server backup. These examples highlight how, through our solutions, clients are able to save time and resources and provide a better service to their clients.

They also emphasise the fact that Elastic Cloud Gate is client centric and primarily driven by our clients’ needs. In practice, this means 80% of the features we added in the last two years are based directly on client requests. That is the crucial differentiation from our competition: we are not adding new features just because we think they might be useful for clients, but because we know clients need them.

Additionally, 95% of the time we are able to accommodate clients’ needs and release updated versions with requested features within one month of receiving the request.

We also work closely with clients to manage user limits pertaining to granting access permissions to various functions of AWS: these limits can be based on actions or access to resources. Our clients are also able to track their billing and resource utilisation directly from the Elastic Cloud Gate portal.

When starting a new project we always listen to our clients and use what they communicate to us to define their best outcome, and then create a solution precisely tailored to get to that best outcome. Sometimes the listening process leads in unexpected directions and we discover that the challenge the client thought they had is only a symptom of a more pressing challenge with a more critical need for resolution.

Moving forward our most immediate focus is developing a mobile app that will push AWS alerts directly to client phones. This is a major goal that will mark a significant milestone for our service, and will allow our clients to leverage the convenience and speed of mobile to manage their services.

A mobile solution is also a next-level achievement for us, since cloud computing is on an increasingly mobile trajectory and, as our name implies, Elastic Cloud Gate intends to make AWS services more robust, reliable, and flexible. Our overall objectives are simple, quick, and efficient delivery of services to our clients, and we aim to continue innovating our services to provide this in the years to come.

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Company: Elastic Cloud Gate

Name: Remek Hetman

Email: [email protected]

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Address: 93 E Central St #5, Natick, MA 01760

Telephone: +1 617 500 8284