Talent discovery engine startup Atipica announced today it has raised $2 million in its seed funding round led by True Ventures and participation of Kapor Capital and Charles Hudson’s new firm, Precursor Ventures.

A number of angel investors, including industry veteran and former Yahoo! CHRO David Windley, early Twitter engineer Matt Sanford, and former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao, also joined the round.

Atipica, has been a key player in the space for over 20 months, uniquely combines both artificial and human intelligence to help companies realize the lifetime value of their recruiting data. This is done by resurfacing applicants, analyzing trends in their databases and predicting future business needs; all while cutting external sourcing costs.  With a list of clients that includes Thumbtack, Atipica continues to introduce new capabilities and recently released a second generation of its platform.
“I am excited to have True Ventures, a respected, founder-friendly firm, lead Atipica’s seed round,” said Atipica’s CEO and founder, Laura I. Gómez. “True is supportive of our take on data mining and machine learning– ones that enhance interactions of recruiters with the unique person behind the resume through bias-free approach.”

“Talent discovery and rediscovery have a long way to go in regards to capitalizing on the data that’s now available,” added True Ventures Partner Toni Schneider. “Companies are sitting on hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of resumes without the tools they need to sort through them and find strong candidates, including ones with diverse backgrounds. Laura and the Atipica team have a head start in recognizing this opportunity and building products that address it.”

Atipica recently hired its CTO, Mike Sela, who led the SurveyMonkey data, Natural Language Processing and machine learning teams responsible for the analyses of 70+ billion responses. Prior to SurveyMonkey, Sela was at xMarks and Hewlett Packard. “Mike is a thoughtful and respected engineering leader. We are thrilled with his decision to join the team,” stated Gómez.

“I joined Atipica because after years of trying to hire good engineers, it was obvious to me how ineffective and unfair the process is,” said Sela. “Atipica provided me the opportunity to join a team dedicated to creating a just process for all people.”