AnyPresence Powers Smart Appliance Apps for Haier America


AnyPresence, the leading enterprise platform for digital transformation, has announced that Haier America is leveraging the AnyPresence solution to accelerate the development of connected mobile and web applications for a series of smart appliance products. Haier is the world’s number one consumer appliance brand by market share.

AnyPresence is an enterprise platform for digital transformation that enables API microservices, enterprise mobility, and IoT app enablement initiatives. AnyPresence is venture-backed and was founded in 2011 by former SAP, Oracle and Cisco executives. The platform empowers users to build APIs and cross-platform apps following IT governance and best practices. The patented AnyPresence architecture provides source code access to UI test kits, SDKs, and backend servers, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. The solution can uniquely support innovation ecosystems of users and citizen developers from any web portal.

“Haier is focused on offering complete home solutions for every stage of life. We are excited to engage with AnyPresence to help bring our smart appliance vision to life in North America,” said Wayne Steele, General Manager of R&D at Haier America. “AnyPresence allows us to support the software aspects of our smart appliance solutions, enabling a single app to control multiple appliances, regardless of connectivity method or hardware supplier.”

The AnyPresence platform supports development of IoT applications in a hardware agnostic manner, providing a robust back-end server, business logic extensions, client SDKs, and integration with third party services to enrich the consumer experience. In some cases, AnyPresence will leverage Haier’s own “U-Home” smart home platform to connect with appliances. The combined solution was demonstrated at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

“With billions of web-connected devices expected to interact with each other in a meaningful way, IoT is driving higher demand for apps powered by integrated backend services,” said Anirban Chakrabarti, CEO of AnyPresence. “We are excited about the opportunity to engage with one of the industry’s largest appliance manufacturers, and continue to enhance our market-leading platform to support sophisticated IoT use cases.”

The AnyPresence platform provides the critical app infrastructure layer in the IoT stack, uniquely enabling smart device manufacturers to: accelerate cross-platform app projects to control connected devices; leverage cloud-based backend services to power IoT use cases; incorporate enterprise data and systems into IoT apps and workflows; complement existing investments in IoT hubs, big data, and analytics; support an app ecosystem around connected devices to foster rapid innovation.

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