A recent study by Eagle Hill has highlighted the importance of a work-life balance on the productivity of workers.

Eagle Hill has surveyed employees in the Washington DC area to analyse the factors which contribute to work-life balance and how this affects their relationship with their employer. Eagle Hill defines work- life balance as ‘the healthy blend of an employee’s professional and personal responsibilities. It’s about being able to make the two work together over the long term, understanding that on any given day, employees may not fully “balanced” one way or the other. Rather, positive work-life balance means employees have the control and flexibility to be successful on both fronts.’

The survey was conducted in May of 2014, in the Washington DC area and according to Eagle Hill the subjects were a ‘sample of 389 professionals across multiple industries’. They also state that the survey used subjects who ranged ‘across industries, age groups, and job tenure’.

The survey highlighted the importance of a good work-life balance in creating employee loyalty: ‘over 56% of employees who reported poor work-life balance said they are likely to leave their jobs this year, whereas only 20% of those with positive work-life balance planned to switch employers’. Poor work-life balance ranked above every other factor for leaving their current position offered to the subjects, the other options being decreased pay, no job security, no career advancement, decreased responsibility and no internal networking.

Poor work-life balance was 67.1% of the subject’s reason for leaving their current job, highlighting the important of attaining a situation where employees feel their work and personal lives are in harmony. As Eagle Hill ends their survey report: ‘For the future success of our businesses, organizations must explore new strategies to actively help employees achieve meaningful success—in both their professional and personal lives’.

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