enVision Capital, a mid-stage private equity firm and division of management consulting firm, enVision Business Consulting, today announces it has acquired a stake in Laramie, Wyoming-based technology firm, KB Enterprises, LLC.  

KB Enterprises is an innovative driven company that is working on numerous breakthrough technologies, including a new method for grain fumigation to replace the use of highly toxic methyl bromide, which is currently used in today’s fumigation processes. 

KB Enterprises board member, Charles Pelkey, says, “With the backing and support from enVision Capital, I feel confident that our work will continue to ensure that new green technology will one day serve to replace the dangerous chemicals used today in the fumigation industry worldwide.”

Robert Novick, Managing Partner of enVision Business Consulting and enVision Capital, says, “We look to invest in companies that have strong management teams and who have market leading or breakthrough products and technologies. KB Enterprises not only has such attributes, but also is well positioned to realize substantial and sustainable growth in the near future. We are proud to be able to support and partner with this innovative technology company.”