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Innovative dairy ingredient solutions can help food manufacturers address formulation challenges

Univar Solutions Brasil Ltda and Univar Solutions Mexico S De, both subsidiaries of Univar Solutions Inc. a leading global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, announced an expanded agreement with Leprino Foods Company for a broad range of its nutritional ingredients and dairy products serving food and beverage customers in Brazil and Mexico. Leprino Foods’ ingredients are found in a variety of foods and beverages that health-conscious consumers seek out as they focus on enhancing overall health and wellness, including nutraceutical blends, sports and animal nutrition products, and other commercial foods and beverages.

“We are very pleased to expand our relationship with Leprino Foods beyond the United States and Canada and into Brazil and Mexico,” said Kevin Hack, global vice president of food ingredients for Univar Solutions. “Leprino Foods is a dynamic dairy ingredients company that shares our strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable product development. Our São Paulo and Mexico City Solution Centers and test kitchens will be a key resource as we work closely together to deliver the innovative solutions needed to help keep our communities healthy and fed now and in the future.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Leprino Foods in Brazil and Mexico,” said Jorge Buckup, president of Latin America for Univar Solutions. “Both of our companies are dedicated to food ingredient innovation, safety, and sustainability, and we look forward to helping deliver more diverse beverage solutions for our customers in these regions.”

From an expansive specialty ingredients portfolio to innovative recipe formulation and testing, food brands of all sizes turn to Foodology by Univar Solutions for help with innovation and product development challenges. Coupled with Foodology by Univar Solutions’ centralized distribution network and custom supply chain solutions that support critical business operations, customers, and suppliers have access to far more than a distributor. And now, with access to Leprino Foods’ trusted nutrient-rich dairy products, customers can better deliver food and beverage dairy solutions in Brazil and Mexico.

“At Leprino Foods, we are continually assessing market demands so we can offer our customers access to products and services they need to keep their business growing. We’re excited about building a strong and solid partnership with Univar Solutions, which reinforces our commitment to the food ingredients and nutrition market,” said Jason Eckert, senior vice president and general manager for Leprino Nutrition. “Aligning with our own commitment to sustainability, Univar Solutions also offers a sustainable and natural products portfolio as a differentiator in distribution as they embed these practices into each step of the supply chain.”

Both companies focus on innovation strategies and sustainability programs to help formulators and manufacturers create next generation end-user products. With a growing product and service offering relying on strong capabilities, deep industry knowledge, and expertise, Univar Solutions and Leprino Foods are well positioned to deliver business and technical success for food and beverage companies who are looking to improve efficiency, secure supply, and reduce costs of transporting food products.

For more information about Univar Solutions’ food ingredients business, visit univarsolutions.com/foodology.