StemSation Expands into Mexico with Completion of Wholly Owned Subsidiary

StemSation International, Inc., a pioneer in the emerging category of dietary supplements called Stem Cell Nutrition, announces that it is expanding into Mexico and has just completed the incorporation process for a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Mexico named StemSation Mexico S.A. de C.V.

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), Mexico ranks 8th in the world in sales through this distribution channel. It is also a market that is very synergistic in growing the very lucrative U.S. Hispanic market.

Ray Carter, StemSation’s President and CEO commented, “Mexico is a strong market for our industry, and we’re excited to be offering our products and entrepreneurial business model there in the near future. We expect the next step of product registration to be completed shortly”.

StemSation’s all-natural products focus on supporting the two most recently discovered biological systems of the human body, the stem cell system of renewal and repair, and the endocannabinoid system of regulating physiological functions in both the central and peripheral nervous system and in peripheral organs.

David Casanova, StemSation’s Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing commented, “Mexico is a big market that I know very well, and it is also our stepping-stone into all of Latin America as we continue to execute our global expansion plans”.

StemSation markets and sells its products online through its growing team of Independent Wellness Advocates in the United States and Europe, who each receive a StemSation replicated website in four languages and currencies.

StemSation is a company with a long-term ‘health mission’, ambitious research goals, and innovative, holistic approaches to health & wellness, and healthy longevity. Our product line shows a new pathway to wellness.

SOURCE: StemSation International, Inc.

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