Storage in an industrial building for rental to entrepreneurs or individuals with recyclable cardboard boxes on top of a pallet rack

Self storage is such an important feature of economies the world over, but providing a premier service is no mean feat. The team at Aki KB Minibodegas have led the way in this regard, with their efforts pushing the boundaries of what it means to service communities throughout Chile and Costa Rica. With success in the Latin and South America Business Awards 2022, we take a closer look to find out more.

Now established as market leaders in Chile, the team behind Aki KB Minibodegas have found time to reflect on some of the decisions that have led to their incredible success. Over the years, the business has grown from humble origins to an organisations with 16 facilities in Chile and one expansion into Costa Rica. Such growth is no mean feat, and reflects the incredible efforts of staff in every part of the business.

The driving force that sets the team apart is their determination to provide a truly stunning customer experience. People are always first in this team’s mind, and finding ways to assist them and serve them as effectively as possible. Hiring a staff who share this passion for supporting others is vital to the continued success of Aki KB Minibodegas, and is why any new hires are made only if they are aligned to the firm’s organisational culture.

The team operate in a manner which is effortlessly dynamic, proactively exploring new and exciting ways of working. Challenges may arise, but the team meet them with the greatest possible determination. As the business has managed to thrive, everyone involved has committed themselves to growing new facilities and to exploring the potential of new market opportunities.

The team has had to overcome many difficulties, despite their growth. Primary amongst these is the increase in costs when it comes to construction. New properties are difficult to create at accessible prices, which makes achieving an effective company return difficult. Considerations of environmental impacts also bring their own challenges to construction, but many of these challenges have been overcome by the tireless efforts of the Aki KB Minibodegas team.

Working for Aki KB Minibodegas has seen the business adopt an approach which is modern in every respect, but clearest amongst these is the way in which the business has managed to expand over the years. Looking forward, the firm’s leadership is exploring new ways of developing new projects, of acquiring new properties and of making the operation of the firm more efficient.

The future looks bright for this incredible firm, as the team step boldly forward into a brave new world. Their attitude has brought them astonishing levels of success as they have reinvented how many see the world of self-storage. For many in South America, Aki KB Minibodegas is synonymous with how to achieve something great. We cannot wait to see what they do next!

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