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Founded in 1984 by Bernard Narcy, Arizona Western Fixture & Display has earned its reputation many times over as an innovative, creative, and leading entity in this ever-competitive space. Following Arizona Western Fixture & Display’s recognition in the awards program for its trail-blazing products and offerings, we spoke with Bernard to find out more about how he has kept the business fresh and pacesetting over the last 40 years.


When it comes to this industry, the only thing that matters, arguably, is the final product. It is the culmination of your team’s talents and can make or break any company that enters the space. With 40 years in the industry, it may be easy to imagine that Arizona Western Fixture & Display has become stale or fallen behind the times. That couldn’t be further from the truth. To this day, the company remains leading in all things, with strong, sustainable growth underpinning its operations and acting as a potent testament to the sheer quality of its output.


On the back of the uncertainty and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona Western Fixture & Display elevated its operations by adopting a lean manufacturing process that streamlined its internal infrastructure and, altogether, left it in a much stronger position. But that’s only one of the ways this company has remained contemporary and in place to outpace any potential competition. For Bernard, despite all of this, the key has always been to produce a product that speaks for itself. “We have established a reputation of producing products of quality design and craftsmanship, as well as establishing and managing goals that meet or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. We have developed a team approach that includes our clients, their staff, and our staff of management professionals, artists, and skilled craftsmen, capable of performing on a variety of projects. Our efforts have produced national recognition, awards, and above all, client and industry respect.”


Out of its Phoenix-based manufacturing facility – with over 30,000 square feet at the team’s disposal – Arizona Western Fixture & Display creates pieces that fully cater to the needs of its clients. Bernard describes the company’s approach as ‘full-service’ and that almost seems an understatement. “As a full-service fixture and display manufacturer, we offer vast capabilities in design, management, and fabrication, specializing in both retail and commercial industries. Our abilities and experiences allow us to perform on a nationwide basis.” In this climate, any advantage one can leverage over competitors should be capitalized upon, as Bernard continues in his closing comments. “Together, the leadership team has over a century of combined experience across both retail and the larger commercial construction industries, which has helped drive and guide our reputation for precision and efficiency. As well as prove our ability to design, manage, produce, deliver, and install with superior craftsmanship detail on time!”


Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Arizona Western Fixture & Display has become the de facto leader in a market that, by all regards, is continuously growing, with client expectations matching that relentless pace. For the company to remain in its position over such a period of time marks it as something extraordinary and different, with a future defined by further innovation and creativity.


For business enquiries, contact Bernard Narcy, Operations Manager and Founder from Arizona Western Fixture & Display via email – [email protected] or call – (+1 602) 272-2170


Address: 3825 W. Clarendon Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019

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