Virginia Business Awards 2022

6 | Virginia Business Awards 2022 Skin ailments can have a crippling impact on self-esteem. Henceforth, estheticians and skin spas, such as Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa, hold an important place within society. Not only does Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa change people’s skin, but it also changes people’s lives! ooking your best most certainly is entwined with feeling your best. In 2022, there are many ways to give your skin that extra boost, be it makeup, an effective skincare routine, or through esthetic treatments. As such, in recent years, the esthetics world has entered a new light. The industry and its treatments have become more accepted and accessible – henceforth, it is important to visit a practitioner that is qualified and trustworthy. One such business is Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa. Established in April 2021, the fledgling business boasts all the hallmarks of a safe and friendly esthetics company, so much so that it could be mistaken for a business that has been in the industry for much longer. It is simply that good. Indeed, the company specialises in an array of treatments ranging from laser hair removal to Botox, and it fulfils each one with the utmost of care. The company’s goal is to provide its clients with genuine knowledge and, in turn, the finest treatments available in the beauty industry. It truly values every client that passes through its doors. Every client is unique, and therefore, Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa takes the time to establish an understanding of their needs. It approaches them as an individual, avoiding the ‘one size fits all’ solutions that many of its industry companions push onto their clients. In essence, Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa embodies its mantra, ‘a client might forget what you said, they might forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ The company is all about the experience. Olga Solovienko, the company’s founder, is entirely dedicated to her role. She is not only passionate, but also compassionate, boasting a true understanding of the skin issues her clients are facing. Furthermore, Olga changes lives – a fact that she believes subverts the expectations of the general public – and drives people towards achieving their goals. Her first-hand experience with skin issues has pushed her to become the best possible leader and esthetician that she can be. Each of these elements have culminated in an abundance of five-star reviews. The company’s Google page is heaving with positive comments and praise for its services. For example, one customer testifies, ‘Olga is a miracle worker and really knows her stuff! I learned so much about my skin and how to properly treat it. I haven’t had confidence in my skin in YEARS, been dealing with breakouts and uneven/inflamed skin, but already with 3 treatment sessions with her and following the skin care regime she prescribed has led to amazing results. I can actually confidently go out in public without feeling like I need to have a layer of foundation and concealer, I finally have my nice skin back!’ Throughout 2022, Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa will be focusing on continuing this trend. The company endeavours to welcome more and more clients into its clinic and vows to provide them with the industry’s leading treatments. Contact: Olga Solovienko Company: Solo Esthetics and Skin Spa Web Address: May22468 Best Spa 2022 - Northern Virginia & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 L