Virginia Business Awards 2022

4 | Virginia Business Awards 2022 Having faced adversity, embraced possibility, and grown exponentially, Central Site and Utilities is slowly becoming one of the most trusted providers of underground utility products and installations in the state of Virginia. Doing this by way of cultivating an exemplary team of professional minds, working on time and within budget, and operating with the strictest level of quality control at every stage of the process, it is leading its region towards a more clientfocused way of conducting underground utilities work, and increasingly excited for the bright future that lies ahead. ounded in March of 2016, Central Site and Utilities started from the ground up in order to create something wholly unique in underground utility product provision. Starting without money, equipment, or employees, it had to make it work through grit, tenacity, and pure drive, all of which remain driving forces of the company to this day. Nominally, this has been made possible by the company’s president, pioneer, and leading mind, Jacob Martin, a professional who has grown the company from himself and one other to a team of 25 uncompromising experts, all of which take their duty of care towards clients with the utmost seriousness. From its first client – C.T. Purcell and its Henrico Country public utilities project that included the installation of sanitary sewer laterals – to its most recent, it has dedicated itself to providing them with the best range and quality of underground utilities solutions on the market. Moreover, providing clients with the most impeccable service goes hand in hand with providing its employees with a safe and respectful place to work that puts their needs at the fore. After all, in order to have happy clients, one must first ensure that the team behind your company is enthusiastic, confident, and raring to go, and CSU ensures this through regular check-ins, great communication, and a in-depth respect for them as professionals. Referring to it as an underground specialist, its clients expect the utmost diligence from CSU and for good reason. Building strong, lasting, and empathy-based relationships with its clients from the very first day of working with them, it has cultivated bonds of trust between it and its market segment at every turn, and ensured that all of its clients wish to come back to it time and again in order to partake in its well-realised and incredibly thorough work. Comprehensive, holistic, and passionate, it takes pride in the work that it does and allows the client to partake in this, turning the underground utilities project in question into a true passion project shared between CSU and its customer. Additionally, being a DBE / MBE contractor, it can perform under the strictest of specifications and rulings, keeping everything on time and within budget down on a reliable basis. This has given it a proven reputation for being highly dependable, as it knows its abilities, contractors, and processes well enough to give consistently accurate estimates to a client before the process of building even begins, abiding by even the most aggressive schedules put forward by a client. With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how the work ethic of CSU and its team has become one of its key selling points. Failure, to CSU, is unacceptable. To this end, it and its team will always go above and beyond to ensure that a project succeeds and is good enough to reflect the standards connoted by being part of the CSU portfolio, striving to maintain a friendly working environment through all of this in order to May22467 Utilities Contractor of the Year 2022 F