USBN Q3 2018

6 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2018 , Phillips & Associates has established itself as one of the preeminent go-to lawfirms in the Greater NewYorkMetropolitan Area for victims of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Taking time to provide us with a detailed overview of the firm, is Parisis G. (“Gerry”) Filippatos, a partner in the firm, who reveals how this prestigious lawfirm is re- energizing the field of plaintiff’s employment law. Phillips & Associates: A Powerhouse Plaintiff’s Employment Law Firm Phillips & Associates is an employment discrimination law firm that is constantly striving for the pinnacle of success in representing each and every client. They pride themselves in the diversity of their attorneys, who bring their varied backgrounds and areas of expertise to bear on each employment dispute they handle for an individual employee or executive. The firm believes there is no case too small to take to federal court, no cause too novel to assert before a jury, no dispute too difficult or complex to tackle head-on, and no adversary too powerful to bring to justice. Going into further detail about Phillips & Associates, Gerry informs us of the legal services the firm’s award- winning attorneys provide to their clients. “First and foremost, we are a workplace discrimination law firm serving New York City and the Tri- State area. Most of our verdicts and settlements are single-plaintiff employment related cases; not class action or personal injury cases. Whereas many other employment lawyers have never handled a case valued at over $100,000 - let alone $1 million or more - we have multiple attorneys with experience in high-value cases well into the six and seven figures. Put simply, very few plaintiff’s firms can match our depth of knowledge and experience in employment law.” “At Phillips & Associates, we count our success one client at a time, for whom, collectively, we have recovered over $85 million dollars to date. We are a true employment law firm that only prosecutes discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims on behalf of individual employees and executives. The attorneys and staff at Phillips & Associates are seasoned legal professionals who are well-versed in employment and discrimination law.” “In addition, our only focus is on employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation, with a particular emphasis on gender- based claims such as sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination. That dedicated focus, along with the tried and true experience of our attorneys, is the secret of our success.” Phillips & Associates recognizes every employment dispute for what it really is: a David versus Goliath struggle for truth and justice. Therefore, within the bounds of the law, they offer financial backing for their clients, as Gerry explains. “Here at Phillips & Associates, we recognize that litigation is costly. Accordingly, we advance the cost of litigation to our clients. Many firms do not have the financial resources to fund the cost of litigation properly; however, we will spend the amount of money necessary to effectively litigate any case we undertake to the fullest extent. Alongside this, we will take every deposition necessary and pay for all required discovery and expert reports. Clients need to take a close look at the law firm they want to hire and determine if it has the funds, as well as the human capital, to properly litigate their case from beginning to end.” With over twenty-five attorneys and paralegals from all walks of life and representing a broad demographic spectrum, Phillips & Associates is unique in the diversity and depth of its talented legal staff, its singular focus on representing individuals in all manner of employment disputes, its innovative client-centric approach to assessing and resolving employment-related disputes, and its unrelenting drive to achieve the best possible result for its clients. The firm believes that they are at the top of their field because they work the hardest, think the smartest, and fight for LE180048 their clients in the most effective way possible each and every day. Looking ahead to what the future holds for Phillips & Associates, Gerry is keen to highlight some of the exciting plans that lie in the pipeline for the firm. “At Phillips & Associates, we are developing a rapid-response call and internet center that will more effectively connect potential clients with the right attorneys, as well as provide education about employment- related rights and privileges to the general public. An informed employee or executive is much more likely to be able to protect themselves in any brewing conflict with their employer. At Phillips & Associates, we believe it is our duty to help guide every individual who seeks our help, whether they ultimately have an actionable case or not.” “In addition to this, we believe that expanding our presence on a regional basis is integral to the continued growth of our firm. Our market dominance is such that we can project – and therefore are launching -our practice to all of the metropolitan centers surrounding Greater New York and Tri-State areas. We have recently opened offices in Princeton, New Jersey,