USBN Q3 2018

24 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2018 , Mobility analytics can be complex, but this new intuitive online tool offers an easy to use and privacy compliant way to access these data. Environics Analytics is Changing the Way Organizations Look at Mobility Data Environics Analytics is pleased to announce the launch of mobility analytics services in ENVISION5, a leading analytics platform. While organizations are eager to integrate mobility analytics into their decision-making process, many are overwhelmed by the complexity and application of these data. This cloud- based platform, purpose-built for marketers and insights managers, simplifies the process and enables users to produce clear and meaningful results within a few simple clicks. With this intuitive Mobility Data extraction tool in ENVISION5, users simply draw a shape around the area they want to study and define the time of day and date range they want to examine—the platform does the rest. ENVISION5 will return a detailed summary of all the devices observed in that area during the specified timeframe to identify who’s visiting your defined locations. Whether you have visitor data or not, the platform will give you insights that would not be possible otherwise. “Most organizations that try to work with mobility analytics are often overwhelmed by the volume and sheer chaos of these data,” says Paul Tyndall, Environics Analytics’ Vice President of Strategic Projects. “What truly sets us apart is our ability to boil it down into a process that is simple to use and privacy compliant without sacrificing the richness of the data.” By accessing this data through ENVISION5 users also gain access to all of the functionality and reporting features they have come to expect from the ENVISION5 platform. Organizations with visitor or customer information of the owners can still benefit from Environics Analytics’ mobility data to get a richer understanding of the consumers they serve, helping them analyze their trade areas and visitor traffic patterns while assessing brand competition and network cannibalization. Environics Analytics employs strict data security and privacy protocols to ensure all data are anonymized and privacy compliant. We only access consent-based mobility data which comes from devices held by consumers who have agreed to share their location information. In addition to the expanded offerings in ENVISION5, Environics Analytics’ staff are ready to assist organizations with a range of additional mobility analytics needs, including standard summarized reports, custom reporting tools and consulting services to help with more complex projects.