USBN Q3 2018

14 US BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2018 , Any business generating online leads can harness innovative sales- optimization solutionwhich is compatible with all leading CRM platforms. CRM Amplify Demonstrates Success in Boosting Lead Conversions Across Multiple Industries Converting leads into actual sales has long been a frustrating process because the overwhelming majority of sales leads never end up buying anything, no matter how much time, manpower or expense is dedicated to the effort. By eliminating time-consuming pursuit of leads that data analysis shows are unlikely to ever become customers, CRM Amplify has demonstrated the ability to dramatically boost conversion rates for firms in the banking, insurance, and higher education industries. “We’ve had great success improving the conversion rate for sales leads with the industries where we launched the product, but CRM Amplify is, by nature, completely industry-agnostic,” explains Mark A. Kaliss, CEO, E&J New Media. “The new desktop version of the software is the next step in our mission to make it accessible to any business running an online campaign that generates sales leads.” What really sets CRM Amplify apart from other lead-qualification tools is its capability to create unique, dynamic real-time models that can predict which consumer characteristics are shared by likely buyers. As conditions change, CRM Amplify is able to react and adapt by creating new models on the fly to reflect new conditions. If prospects change their behavior due to a shift in the campaign (e.g. a new ad or spokesperson) or for some other reason, the program takes those factors into account and creates a new model. The process begins with analysis of data on previous buyers and comparisons to current sales leads. Each lead is then given a percentile score indicating which ones are likely to trend better for any particular campaign, in order to make predictions about the likelihood of conversion. The scores are specific to the client and campaign—a huge differentiator from the common practice of using a generic, one- size-fits-all algorithm. The profile of each lead contains all their demographic information, but all salespeople need is the contact details and the conversion score, and CRM Amplify helps them take it from there. CRM Amplify understands that each campaign is different, and what indicates a likely conversion for a telecom provider is not the same as the criteria used by a mortgage broker. Capable of fully integrating with any major CRM platform, CRM Amplify operates seamlessly behind the scenes. The CRM Amplify lead- optimization software changed the game for online sales efforts when it was introduced to the banking, insurance, and for-profit college industries last year. Accessibility to CRM Amplify has been expanded with the rollout of a new desktop version of the software which is fully integrated with all major CRM systems.