USBN October 2017

32 US BUSINESS NEWS / OCTOBER 2017 , Rob Levine & Associates is a lawfirmbased in Rhode Island, and we profile the firm, as well as its founder Rob Levine, as we investigate the Personal Injury LawOffice of the Year – Rhode Island and Award for Excellence in Veteran Disability Cases. The Heavy Hitter Accidents and unintentional injuries are a regular occurrence within the USA, and luckily Rob Levine & Associates are luckily on hand to serve clients in the best possible way. Some accidents are insignificant or cause only the most minor of injuries whilst some are severe and can result in long term complications and permanent injuries, and this is where the firm is able to help clients. If clients are ever involved in an accident and sustained a personal injury, they may be entitled to compensation from the parties responsible, and the law practice does its best to help the clients. Securing justice for clients is the main aim for the Rob Levine & Associates, and the team work closely with clients in order to secure the best result possible. Profiling founder, Rob Levine, it must be noted has a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked in the Southern New England Personal Injury business for over 17 years. Throughout these years, there have been a few things which have remained the same with regard to Rob, such as his commitment to helping people, exemplifying leadership and building businesses. The founder of the firm knew what his career choices would be right from an early age. Vital to the success of the law firm, the legal team works with the client throughout the whole process. When a client approaches the firm, a lawyer from the team will discuss the facts of the case with the client, ensuring that they are aware of all the facts of the case and what the best plan of action will be. There are a wide range of personal injury case types which can be handled by an attorney, and Rob Levine & Associates cover all these areas, including premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, drug recalls and much more, and Rob himself takes on a lot of the work. Plus, throughout all of these areas of practice, the special laws can get complicated, but Rob and his team are prepared to hand it all. Essentially, there are a number of factors which contribute to the continuous success of Rob Levine & Associates, as it looks to further establish itself as a leader in the legal industry. Clients are able to get a free consultation when they first approach the firm, and this is another contributor to the sterling reputation of the firm. LE170098