USBN October 2017

30 US BUSINESS NEWS / OCTOBER 2017 , At Eskew Law, LLC, the attorneys specialize in a wide variety of legal matters, including criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy. We profile the firmand its founder, Chris Eskew as we look to find out more about the success of Eskew Law. Knowledgeable and Skilled Attorneys Serving the State of Indiana Offering a variety of services, Eskew Law can assist clients with getting their lives back on track, enabling clients to concentrate on the more important things in their life. Whenever a client approaches the firm, and a deal to work together is confirmed, they are paired with a knowledgeable and reputable attorney who is trained on their particular issue. The attorney will then work with the client and be ready to provide them with guidance and legal representation. Whether clients need help with defending against criminal charges, beginning a divorce process, or filing for bankruptcy, the legal team at Eskew Law can answer the questions. Staff formulate an action plan, and tailor these representations to meet its goals. What immediately stands out about Eskew Law is the ability and talent of the firm’s law attorneys. This experienced and knowledgeable team value the client above all else and work hard in order to build and maintain relationships. The firm’s mission is not focusing on win rates or profits, but securing justice for the client, they are the real concern. Every case is different and therefore it is vital that the team understand the clients’ specific needs. There are different approaches to different clients, using different techniques and this is certainly the method that Eskew Law takes. Rather than treating every case the same and tackling similar issues with the same approach, Eskew Law make a point out of tailoring each case to the client, as every client has varying preferences and goals. Each client receives personal, one-on-one contact with the attorneys. No case is ever passed off to a paralegal or legal assistant. Other law firms rely on aggression and courtroom theatrics to impress their clients. We impress our clients by gaining their trust and respect, building real relationships with them, and advocating for their rights and interests. Because we care about our clients, we have a vested interest in the outcome of their cases and will fight alongside them to help them get the end result they deserve. As already mentioned, this unique perspective is a vital part of the client service offered by the firm, and the close rapport built up between staff and clients builds a great case in preparation for court should it be required. Essentially, the legal methods and process used by Eskew Law is tried and tested and, at first, the team will sit down with the client and go over what happened, as well as discussing the goals and desires of the client for the case. In most states, different laws can have various effects on people, and so the team explain how being based under Indiana Law can affect various people. After this, the team guarantee that the client wants to go ahead with proceedings, before giving them their opinion and utilising their experience and knowledge in order to come up with the best plan of action. Ultimately, after every single detail is collected, a plan of action is formed, with the client being advised on the best possible option to take. The attention to detail, negotiation skills of the legal team, customer focused approach and a huge amount of experience are all key aspects in what makes Eskew Law one of the leading law firms in Indiana. LE170069