USBN October 2017

28 US BUSINESS NEWS / OCTOBER 2017 , WoolseyMorcomprides itself in offering unparalleled client service and a true commitment to obtaining the best result possible for its clients. We profile the firmas we look to explore the secrets behind its ongoing success. A Uniquely Positioned Law Firm At Woolsey Morcom, the legal team have extensive trial experience in high stakes litigation, and many of them have worked with prosecutors at the State Attorney’s Office, plus, they have worked for several years at prestigious Jacksonville law firms, which have placed a premium on precision and client service. The law firm is uniquely positioned to give clients consistency in excellence, reminiscent of a large law firm, as well as possessing the litigation skills of long term trial lawyers. Throughout the law firm, there is over thirty years of trial experience combined, and this is something which helps the company achieve its mission of securing justice for clients. Regarding the variety of the firm’ services, Woolsey Morcom specialise in many areas including personal injury law, civil litigation, family law, estate planning, real estate litigation and criminal defense. Catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death actions are a focus of Woolsey Morcom. Consequently, the firm and its legal constantly receive referrals from other organisations who recognise the expertise and skill that Woolsey Morcom possess, particularly on these matters. It is often necessary to proceed to a jury trial to recover the actual damages sustained. The firm have the expertise, will and resources to shepherd these cases to ensure the maximum rightful recovery. Boasting a proven track record in obtaining favourable outcomes in a variety of matters, the lawyers at the firm have experience in representing large financial and corporate entities, individuals, local companies and entrepreneurs. Within all of its areas of practice, the law firm is efficient, focused and effective. Showing empathy and being sympathetic where necessary, the legal team at Woolsey Morcom understand that family law issues are the most personal situations a person can have, and are dedicated to providing efficient and compassionate representation. Essentially, staff’s family practice goal is to avoid unnecessary dispute and unpleasantness and to keep all parties focused on the disputed issues of fact and law. Subsequently, this reduces the emotional and financial strain for the parties, and this goal can be achieved while zealously advocating the firm’s position. An additional part of the Woolsey Morcom’s family area of practice is helping families anticipate future events, and estate planning becomes necessary in events such as starting a family or are getting older. Without certain documents in place, the clients’ interests are vulnerable, and therefore the legal team work hard to ensure that clients are satisfied that all their documents are in place. Another aspect of its success is that the estate planning and probate team at Woolsey Morcom provide comprehensive services to get clients’ affairs in order and protect their loved ones. The lawyers can also assist with administering the estate of a deceased family member. Lastly, there are many aspects which are key to the success of Woolsey Morcom, a client- oriented law firm who show sympathy where necessary, but are able to deliver the essential results when needed for clients, in an assortment of areas. Not just looking to win cases, the practice is well versed at looking after its clients throughout the whole process, even after the case is over. LE170068