USBN October 2017

22 US BUSINESS NEWS / OCTOBER 2017 , Boulette Golden &Marin L.L.P. is an award-winning Austin-based employment and litigation law firm focused on employment and business litigation, counselling, compliance, and corporate immigration services for employers in Texas in a broad range of industries. We profile the firmas we look behind the scenes of the company’s process. Experience, Judgement and Pragmatism. Coming with the territory of offering a variety of services in different areas, clients of Boulette Golden & Marin are varied, and include technology, healthcare, energy, education, financial services, real estate, construction, government, entertainment, and non-profit organizations. The attorneys at the firm are well-renowned for their experience, pragmatism and judgement, as well as being able to deliver the results of a large law firm with the responsiveness and efficiency of a smaller firm. Specifically, with regards to the partners of the practice, they have extensive experience in employment and business litigation, counselling, compliance and corporate immigration services within previous firms. When first working on a new project, Boulette Golden & Marin get to know the goals, concerns, industry and corporate culture of the clients’ company. The team is of the belief that the lawyer cannot guide a client effectively without first knowing where the client wants to go. The recommended course of action for an established, publicly- traded multinational corporation will not necessarily be the same as the pathway of a small, local start-up, and therefore each case is unique, and the strategy must be unique to the client. Thorough research and an analysis of the company’s employment and litigation policies, as well as their history help Boulette Golden & Marin to proceed and succeed in the case. With targets to reach, the overall aim of the practice is to deliver the results of a large law firm to its corporate clients, but provide the responsiveness, efficiency and cost effectiveness of a small firm. With this in mind, each partner takes ownership of their own respective clients, taking a unique perspective on the client and the case. Additionally, there is also a highly qualified team of Senior Counsel and Associate Attorneys who are able to support the partners in their work. Boulette Golden & Marin is based in Texas, meaning it is well placed among surrounding businesses to provide services to clients. Texas has a reputation for being a business-friendly state, which is reflected in the relatively light hand the legislature has taken towards regulation of the employment relationship. More significant change has taken place in the federal sector, and in particular, the impact of the Trump administration on immigration policy and practice. Working in such a competitive and dynamic industry, the law firm works hard to stay ahead of emerging developments which may arise. All partners are active members of the local and State Bar Associations, and not only attend, but frequently present at continuing legal education events on emerging legal issues. Five of the attorneys are active LE170074 members of the local Inns of Court, which are prestigious, invitation-only legal societies where local lawyers and judges come together to share thoughts and ideas, as well as deepen connections within the bar. Differentiating itself from its competitors, Boulette Golden & Marin achieves its mission by delivering the results of a large law firm to our corporate clients, but with the responsiveness, efficiency and cost effectiveness of a small firm. The firm’s attorneys also bring a significant degree of practicality to its approach to counselling clients on both routine matters and high- stakes litigation. Constantly looking to improve its services, the organisation integrates technology into its work, ensuring that the firm is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. All of its filing is electronic, and staff are well-trained on how to utilize technology to ensure that the attorneys and clients are maximizing efficiency and accuracy. Naturally, the internal culture and working environment contributes greatly to the success of Boulette Golden & Marin. Its partners, counsel and associates have considerable respect for one another and draw upon one another’s specific expertise, also celebrating individuality