USBN October 2017

20 US BUSINESS NEWS / OCTOBER 2017 , Founded by Steven J. Goorman on December 7, 1998, Citywide Home Loans has grown from the small broker company, to the large corporation that we know today. We take time to profile the firm, following their recent success inNorth America News’ Real Estate & Property Development Awards we reveal the secrets behind their success. Leadership is Taught by Example Established on December 7, 1998, Steven J. Goorman founded Citywide Home Loans, originally called Citywide Funding. Through his dynamic, determined and entrepreneurial style, Steven grew the small broker company of just five employees, to the large corporation it is today. Steve’s vision and commitment to his employees and customers has been the fuel to the incredible growth Citywide has had over the years. In the office every day, Steve continues to ensure that the company stays true to its roots and that each person, both customers and employees, that Citywide works with is cared for and is treated like family. Although City Wide Loans currently employs nearly 900 employees as well as covering 35 states, the company still stays true to its small company roots. Steve Goorman lives by the motto “Leadership is taught by example”. For those working at Citywide & CHL Mortgage, their vision is to continue the growth of the two companies, by seeking new opportunities and products to better serve our customers and employees, all while keeping true to their rich history and values. Looking at Citywide Home Loans’ partnerships, the company’s partnerships programs are designed to improve the customer experience and strengthen the business of the partners involved. Over recent years, Citywide Home Loans business has experienced incredible growth. From 2,210 loans totalling $477 million in 2010, increasing to more than 14,000 loans and in excess of $3.2 billion in 2016, the company have dialled in their business process to create a platform on which substantial growth will continue to occur. Citywide Home Loans have designed partnership programs to meet the needs of potential clients. The first being the ‘Preferred Lender’. Since the starting point for any truly productive relationship, Preferred Lender status is a great way for Realtors and builders to partner with Citywide. The second program that Citywide Home Loans offer is the ‘Joint Ventures’. At Citywide Home Loans, their Joint Ventures provide a gateway into the mortgage business. Their partners have consistent and substantial customer volume, and the company already possess the organization, financial relationships and infrastructures to make joint Ventures successful. Looking ahead, the future for Citywide Home Loans is bright. Having recently been selected as the Best Residential Mortgage Provider – Utah in the North American News’ Real Estate & Property Awards, the firm are envisioning their future with more success, and to continue the incredible the growth similar to the one they’ve had thus far. All whist maintaining its small company roots, living by the motto “leadership is taught by example”. RED301