Texas Business Awards 2022

4 | Texas Business Awards 2022 REEP is an expert in all things property equity. With outstanding process development, methodologies, and attitudes towards investments that create actionable plans that keep the clients’ wishes at the very forefront of the proceedings, REEP works hard to be the best of the best. Having set itself apart from its peers with its consistent and well managed involvement in the entire equity process from beginning to end, its service of the Lone Star State has earned it accreditation as firm that is effective, dependable, and client focused. s a vertically integrated, multifamily, and highly trusted investments company operating out of San Antonio, Texas, REEP has made a name for itself with its outstanding customer service and exceptional results. Moreover, REEP – Real Estate Equity Partners – has been developing this reputation since 2012 by gaining the favour of its market segment one happy customer at a time, serving them with the acquisition of under-performing, income-producing, multifamily investment opportunities in Texas. This having been achieved, REEP then goes on to work together with its sister company REEP management to purchase, manage, and improve the relevant assets held therein, providing benefits to investors and tenants both. In 2021, REEP rung in the year with the buying, selling, and management of over 4,200 units, taking 8 properties to full cycle. Thus, does an exemplary job of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to displaying its incredible acumen in property equity, inviting clients to simply look through the evidence of its past work in order to see what about it has endeared it so to its industry. Its portfolio now consists of over 2,575 units, cumulatively worth over $350 million and benefitting from REEP’s rapid growth in terms of both scale and success, having been named one of San Antonio’s fastest growing companies for the past three consecutive years. Nominally, with a goal of allowing clients to reap what they sow – mirrored by the name of the company being REEP – this business has been able to make partners of its clients. This partnership results in strong client-business bond, and is emboldened by vertical integration, allowing the equity team to vet each investment for its individual challenges and opportunities before putting together an action plan with the management team. Thus, it has become the exemplary firm it is today by keeping a level head on its shoulders and working with actionable goals in mind, producing business plans that are effective and well communicated, ready to execute from the first day of ownership. Whether a client is at the stage of working with its equity team, asset management team, or property management teams, each section of this company works together to create perfect synergy, resulting in comprehensive property strategies and day 1 improvements, getting involved throughout the entire process to enable holistic results. This, in short, is what sets it apart from its peers. Involving itself in every stage makes it the perfect answer to strong, thriving markets with underperforming apartment communities, and being based in Texas, it is proud to say that this has been tailored with the Lone Star State in mind; proud to serve the region’s thriving economy, population boom, and job market growth, it finds strong metrics in Texas year after year. Excited to help many more clients in the future to benefit from such metrics, its record portfolio and employee growth is forecasted to continue long into the future, and it looks forward an Anniversary celebration rebrand from REEP Equity and Management respectively to a combined REEP residential moniker. Company: REEP Contact: Christy Miller Website: reepequity.com May22523 Best Multi-Family Investment Management Firm - Southern USA A