Technology Elite Awards 2019

26 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , Best Enterprise Software Consultancy Firm - USA: Datix For over 20 years Datix has been dedicated to providing quality enterprise software consultancy services that clients can rely on. As part of our overview of some of this year’s Technology Elite Awards winners, we invited CEOMatt Schuval to tell us more about how the firm’s experience makes this driven and creative company the best possible partner for clients seeking cutting-edge support and advice. From humble beginnings Datix has flourished over two decades to become a trusted software consultancy service for businesses throughout the corporate landscape. Matt begins by discussing the firm’s service offerings in more detail and showing how they benefit their valued clients. “Here at Datix, we are an Epicor Gold Partner, making us a leader for one of the top ERP vendors. We also provide CRM, eCommerce, software integration, BI, cloud hosting and disaster recovery solutions all under one roof. As such, we can serve as a one-stop shop for our valued clients. “Some of the services we offer for our midmarket manufacturing and distribution clients include implementations, upgrades and customizations. Though we are based in St. Louis, we have locations and resources throughout the country to serve a wide range of companies. Truly committed to doing whatever it takes for our clients, our team does not back down from challenges, offer unnecessary solutions or abandon clients once their software has been deployed. Our consultants, project managers, delivery teams and developers serve as a single touchpoint throughout each client’s journey, implementing, upgrading, customizing and improving their solutions to ensure they get the full value of their investments. As a result, our firm is a true one-stop shop for manufacturing and distribution software.” Datix Led by Matt, the firm uses his expertise to continually push the boundaries and offer clients the cutting-edge support they need, as he explains. “Personally, I have decades of experience in accounting and executive roles. Prior to joining Datix, I was the executive sponsor for an Epicor implementation as COO for a manufacturing and distribution company. “At the time, I was excited to witness the impact the solution had on our operations, but I also saw how the software’s delivery could have been improved by the partner that was implementing Epicor. As such, over the years I have leveraged this background to communicate the benefits of ERP effectively to clients and provide guidance as the President of the Epicor Partner Council. I now lead Datix and work with my team towards excellence in every service we offer, drawing on my extensive market expertise.” As a business leader, Matt is deeply committed to creating and nurturing a supportive company culture. “To ensure our clients receive the support and service they need, we have worked hard to create a company culture that values continuous improvement. Our consultants and developers live and breathe software; they are constantly obtaining new certifications and exploring innovations that can optimize our solutions. “For example, our Unity integration solution is far ahead of any other ERP integration application, because it rapidly connects Epicor with CRM, Marketing Automation or eCommerce software without requiring any coding, and we are still finding ways to make Unity even stronger. It is this commitment to excellence that helps us stay ahead of technology trends. “This focus on innovation is combined with a supportive atmosphere to ensure that everyone can enhance their skillsets. We are all constantly offering motivation and support as we pursue growth and learning. We dedicate time to recognize individual team members who have gone the extra mile to help our clients and support company goals. Teamwork and comradery give us the fuel to complete certifications, develop new solutions and make other improvements that benefit our clients. We are also committed to solving real issues, both for our clients and for each other. Our consultants have worked nights and weekends to make rollouts effortless for every client and ensure projects end in success.”