Technology Elite Awards 2019

18 US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards , CyperProof Most Innovative Managed Detection and Response Provider 2019 greater renown. Currently, this competitive market is crowded with vendors that offer black box security that leads to alerts overload and fails to provide a transparent and collaborative environment to security operations. As such, CyberProof is able to set itself apart from its competitors thanks to its innovative approach and mark itself out as the best possible option for a wide range of clients. Fundamentally, CyberProof’s mission is to relentlessly support its customers and help them to stay ahead of security threats and improve detection and response capabilities by offering the most advanced analytics and highly automated alert and incident response services. This will drive the firm to even greater renown over the coming years as it continues to adapt and collaborate to understand and overcome emerging threats across the online space. A pioneer in the cybersecurity space, dynamic start-up CyberProof is an advanced security services provider that accelerates clients detection and response. Thanks to its experience in the cybersecurity space, the firm is able to offer advanced security operations platform that automates key processes for heightened operational efficiency, CyberProof is amanaged detection and response provider that intelligently runs its clients’ entire security operations for optimal managed detection and response. We profile the firm to find out more about how it is working to keep businesses throughout the corporate landscape safe and secure. which dramatically reduces the cost and time needed to respond to security threats. The firm uses SeeMo, an AI- powered virtual analyst that combines with nation-state cyber experts to continuously learn and adapt to the evolving threat landscape. This cutting-edge, proprietary technology detects, analyzes, and prioritizes potential threats to any given company while CyperProof’s dedicated and experienced security experts determine the most effective course of action. These dedicated staff are all driven by CyperProof’s three core values: humanity, humility and integrity. These core principals drive the company in every relationship it undertakes, including its industry collaborations, which are at the core of the firm’s ability to adapt quickly and efficiently. Dedicated to staying ahead of emerging threats, CyberProof collaborates with clients, academia and the technology ecosystem to continuously advance the art of cyber defense. By minimizing the impact of security incidents, the firm can quantifiably reduce the cyber risk to any business it has the privilege of protecting. Such a automated, proactive approach is unique to the market and is driving CyberProof to Sep19002 Name: Tony Velleca, CEO Address: 5 Polaris Way, Aliso Viejo, CA Telephone Number: +1 (949) 716-8757 Web Address: