Technology Elite Awards 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Technology Elite Awards 11 TurnCare Guardian System has also been shown to promote a positive healing trajectory for full- thickness pressure injuries in multiple case studies. In clinical use, it has been shown to be an effective alternative for air-fluidized beds, the current preferred approach for treating full-thickness wounds in acute care. Currently, the use of the Guardian System is being focused on unstable patients in the critical care setting. These patients can be difficult to turn and are highly susceptible to full thickness pressure injuries and deep tissue injuries (DTIs). They are frequently treated with mechanical ventilation, vaso- active medications, and may have unstable hemodynamic status. The firm offers on-site education and assistance with implementation by its Clinical Team, including hands-on training and help with associated processes, such as developing patient selection algorithms. This practical support ensures that the technology is used correctly and facilitates clinical workflow integration. TurnCare’s innovative culture was established by co-founders, Dr. Rafael Squitieri and Kim Orumchian. CEO Kim Orumchian draws on his cross disciplinary experience in the scientific and start-up worlds to bring together research and technology innovation to create unique and effective products that are practical and easy to use. Majoring in Physics and Applied Physics, Kim wrote some specialized scientific control and analysis software that he was going to commercialize. Hired into a small company co-founded by two of his college professors, Kim was introduced into the world of high- tech. One of the professors was a consultant to Steve Jobs as he was starting his new computer company NeXT Computer, which was ultimately acquired by Apple. Kim ended up moving to the Silicon Valley and working directly for Steve. Later, Kim went on to work for General Magic, the company that pioneered the concept of the smart phone, then co-founded Fatbrain, an eCommerce company that grew to $100 million in annual sales and went public. Now, as CEO of TurnCare, Kim is deeply committed to using cutting edge technology to support the mobility-impaired and to assist clinicians and caretakers in effectively managing their patients. As the healthcare technology market continues to evolve and adapt, so too does TurnCare, with the firm excited to be launching the 2nd generation of the Guardian System. This latest version incorporates years of learning from the firm’s clinical trials, critical care pilots and deployments, and feedback from clinical partners. The new Guardian System includes remote patient monitoring, product support, and automated billing capabilities – all designed to make using the product easier for clinicians. In future iterations the firm plans to extend capabilities to provide more impactful information regarding the patient’s health status in real time. As part of TurnCare’s focus on forward innovation, the firm will be investing in new clinical research to show how the Guardian System can help different types of patients achieve both the localized and systemic benefits of avoiding sacral region ischemia and reperfusion injury. These results will broaden the utility of the Guardian System to positively impact more patients who suffer from the negative effects of mobility- impairment. Company: TurnCare Name: Kim Orumchian Address: 2225 E. Bayshore Rd., Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303 Web Address: