Technology Elite Awards 2018

US BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 Technology Elite Awards 7 This unique solution need to remain at the very cutting-edge of the latest industry trends and technological developments to ensure its ongoing success, and as such Zoran talks us through how Job Manager remains at the forefront of emerging developments at all times. “Information is key to ensuring that our solution is ahead of the curve. We need to stay in constant contact with our users and learn from them. As such, we will sometimes go to a job site to visit with a customer and see and hear first-hand if our app is delivering what they need or not. We get valuable input this way that we then integrate into our product. “As a business we know that our customers, from small to large, want complexity removed from their lives – they want to spend their time doing what their customers expect them to deliver. They want to save time, be more efficient and have real time visibility on their workforce. We are determined to make their jobs easier by simplifying the challenges of managing a mobile Company: Job Manager Name: Zoran “Zoki” Pavlovic Address: 1507 7th Street, Suite 91, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA Web Address: workforce. Personally, I started as a builder and when I saw a need in the industry that wasn’t being addressed, I did what any good builder would do, I built it myself.” Drawing on the firm’s vast experience in the market, Zoran understands the latest trends in the mobile working space, and is keen to discuss these in more detail and explain how Job Manager will adapt around these over the coming years. “Our solution is particularly vital in today’s market, as 42% of the workforce will be mobile by 2021. The next generation of workers will be tied to their phones, not their desks. That means we need experiences that are simple to perform on the go. At Job Manager, we are focused on providing the best platform for companies that have employees on a job site or out in the field to succeed, no matter what size or industry. Time is our customers most precious resource and we need to deliver an automated tool that will make them more productive. With Job Manager, managers, supervisors and employees can swap pen and paper for smartphones and tablets. It is mobile job management, productivity and sales made easy from start to finish. Job Manager saves time, increases cash flow and improves customer satisfaction.” With these developments in mind, Zoran foresees a bright future for his firm, which will continue to adapt and innovative to ensure continued success for its valued clients. “Ultimately, my team and I are extremely proud and grateful for the success of Job Manager because it means that we have created something that’s helped hundreds of businesses become more productive and profitable. However, since the beginning, at Job Manager we have never been ones to rest on our success. We are constantly soliciting feedback and suggestions from our customers on ways to improve the app. We value our customers, and our core principle about customer service has never changed. “From the very beginning, the tools we are developing will have integration built in to ensure ongoing adaptability. Our software will be compatible with multiple platforms and tools our customers already use. It won’t matter if a manager is using an Android phone and their employees are using iPhone because our software is flexible. We’re also working to introduce some exciting new features into our Job Manager application very soon, which unfortunately I can’t tell you about. But what I can tell you is that with every feature and upgrade we are moving leaps and bounds ahead of our competition and always with an eye on our main goal - delivering the easiest and most useful mobile job management application out there. “After all, we value our customers, and our core principle about customer service has never changed. At the end of the day, we are a customer service company; we just happen to have the best job management application in the world!” Job Manager g