Southern States Business Awards 2024

NWR Southern States Business Awards 2024 | 10 Leticia Bomtempo has reinvigorated the Florida tattoo scene with her vibrant and timeless artwork. Despite her shop, Queen Tattoo Co., opening during the 2020 pandemic, the studio has become renowned for bringing world-class tattoos to Jacksonville and has won multiple awards for its breathtaking work. Queen Tattoo Co. has received this year’s Best Tattoo Studio – Jacksonville, Florida award for its pursuit of excellence. Best Tattoo Studio 2024 - Jacksonville, Florida At Queen Tattoo, artists offer tattoos in various styles to suit every person. The studio’s talented artists are welcomed for their exceptional technique and creative expertise. Leticia says, “Artists look for jobs in places that inspire, offer growth opportunities, and show them respect. I do not hunt down artists. Our reputation attracts people who seek to build clientele, elevate their standards, learn, and network. I do not take in inexperienced or troubled artists. I value people who value their careers as well.” Queen Tattoo has created a professional environment that prioritizes quality work and empowers artists to explore their artistic boundaries. Owner Leticia Bomtempo is a natural artist who specializes in realism and surrealism but is comfortable executing any style of tattoo. Leticia produces extraordinary tattoos, using vivid colour to accentuate details and create a living art canvas. With a strong tendency towards perfection, Leticia demonstrates the best of the new wave of tattooing with transformative artwork. Leticia shares, “Success is no secret; it is hard work and delivery. We offer unique art pieces that we do only once, so here is where you can get a tattoo nobody else has. Our shop is spotless and only works with the best equipment without compromises. We are also a green company that reduces waste and utilizes biodegradable disposables.” When Leticia first encounters a new client, she sets expectations early on, helping them to understand that the only way to achieve outstanding artwork is to permit the artist to create freely. Clients should break free from the notion that a tattoo must be a preconceived idea with every detail containing a personal meaning. Instead, she encourages clients to allow her to use her expertise to create a composition that catches the eye and enhances the body. As a business owner, Leticia strives to deliver an unparalleled client experience with artwork that exceeds expectations. Queen Tattoo has won numerous awards for its work, including Best Tattoo Shop of Jacksonville Beach for the last three years. On her experience, a client named Nikole says, “I am absolutely thrilled with this tattoo parlor. The vibe is welcoming and comfortable. I worked with Leticia Bomtempo (aka Cheese), and she is a true artist! Your best bet is to give her an idea, let her do her thing, and you will have a collector’s piece tattoo. Her use of color, realism, and flow of how it’s placed on your body is superb. I cannot recommend her as an artist enough. I have the most beautiful tattoo I could ever imagine thanks to her skill.” Offering an unparalleled customer experience, clients receive one-of-a-kind works of art that they will treasure forever. Moving forward, Leticia plans to sell more of her authorial work and take on less commissioned work to flex her creativity fully. Fine art is another string to her bow and Leticia looks forward to producing more paintings and other products. The rest of the year will involve expositions in Jacksonville, Pasadena, and tattooing at Squid Ink on the Virgin Voyages cruise ship leaving San Juan, Puerto Rico, in December. Recognized in this year’s Southern States Business Awards, Queen Tattoo has become the home of exceptional tattoos in Jacksonville, Florida. We are excited to see what the future holds for Leticia on her mission to unlock creative expression through the art of tattooing. Contact: Leticia Bomtempo Company: Queen Tattoo Co. Web Address: