South America Business Awards 2020

6 | South America Business Awards 2020 confront with total and complete conviction, and the firm acts in such a way that its actions are resolved with maximum efficiency and in a sustainable way. The problems that humanity has produced for the planet are not ones that can solved simply, but Tequia works doggedly and determinedly to ensure that they are not problems that future generations have to worry about solving themselves. The vision of the firm stands apart from the mission, but is simultaneously enhanced by it. Tequia has set out its vision as being a desire to consolidate itself as a company that is recognized both nationally and internationally for its leadership in environmental remediation, and for the creation of great solutions to the contamination of the ecosystem. Given this vision, and the compounding mission of restoring and rejuvenating life on Earth, Tequia’s dedication and commitment will be the path that it follows unreservedly. Contributing towards the conservation of the planet is one thing, but the excellence with which Tequia approach this task on a daily basis is nothing to baulk at. One of the ways in which Tequia is changing the game for environmental protection and restoration around the world is through TCAS SG: a non-retardant, combustible gas eliminator. Gas is one of the core components of many fires, and there have been a great many