South America Business Awards 2020

4 | South America Business Awards 2020 The production of chemicals is an area of product development that can often pave the way for great innovation. Combinations and innovations go hand in hand, and have often been responsible for some of the leading products in the world. Chemical compounds can be award-winning and industry-leading, and that is certainly the case at Tequia in Chile. We profile the firm to find out more about what it has to offer, and how it is changing the game for chemical products development in South America. espite only being seven years old as a company and based in Chile, South America, Tequia is a company that provides innovative and advanced solutions in chemistry to environmental pollution problems. Each of the products is developed in such a way as to contribute to the remediation of the environment and to provide effective solutions to its problems. Working primarily in the industry of chemicals and chemistry, Tequia works in the development of products that can restore life on Earth. At a time when the climate crisis and environmental change is so high on the global agenda, seeing the work of Tequia being recognized is nothing short of exceptional. It can give people hope that a future where the environment is as vibrant and full of life is indeed possible through chemical combinations and innovations. The Chilean arm of this international firm is responsible for changing the world in ways that will be felt for decades to come, and its exciting story is only just beginning. Aiming to be a company that is involved in changing the world, Tequia prides itself on the production of products that are one hundred percent environmentally-friendly and beneficial for the world as a whole. The production of completely environmentally-friendly products is a trend that has permeated the industry for many years, and has recently played a key part on driving forward the work of Tequia as a business. It has always strived to develop products in a bid to ensure that they do not impact the environment in a negative manner, and this has become a characteristic of the service provided that is even more important given the global attention it has received. In the last twelve months alone, when the business has been working tirelessly to be environmentally-friendly, Tequia has managed to develop products and overcome challenges that are super important. For example, Tequia has managed to overcome challenges related to breaking down the CO2 molecule. The work that the firm has carried Nov20165 Best Chemical Products Development Company 2020 D out over the last few months and years has resulted in Tequia being able to break down the carbon dioxide molecule in such a way that the free oxygen molecule can then be released back into the environment and make the world a better place to live. CO2 is also the focus of other products and projects that Tequia is working on at this moment in time. Between January and February of 2021, Tequia will be ensuring that its first system will be installed on a ship to eliminate gases, especially in areas where the CO2 levels are particularly high. Working across a myriad of environments, industries, and companies, Tequia is in a place where it can make a real difference to the world. Since its inception, Tequia has operated with a focused mission and a singular vision. The mission has always focused on the firm’s global and local commitment to being on the side of life and the environment. As such, the firm’s mission also focuses on the restoration of the environment, which has had a rough time of late to say the least, and supporting its recovery through the development of chemical products that will aid rather than harm the environment. Returning value to the ecosystems of the world is a challenge that Tequia has decided to Working primarily in the industry of chemicals and chemistry, Tequia works in the development of products that can restore life on Earth