South America Business Awards 2020

South America Business Awards 2020 | 13 Oct20837 Best Oil & Gas Legal & Tax Specialist - Suriname Kenswil & Co is Suriname’s most sought after tax and legal advisory firm boasting specialist expertise in the oil and gas industry. Working with private and international companies of all sizes, Kenswil & Co takes a unique approach to financial and business support services that seeks to be unbiased and transparent in its operations, creating innovative solutions that are designed around their clients. We take a closer look at the pragmatic yet pioneering team of legal and accounting professionals. enswil & Co is a boutique tax and legal advisory firm in Suriname, South America, that is unique in the region for its specialist services in legal matters pertaining to the oil and gas sector. The firm combines its superior tax and legal expertise of different jurisdictions and contexts with financial advisory so as to provide comprehensive business support services. Ultimately, Kenswil & Co seeks to offer innovative and highly customised solutions as a reliable business partner for its broad spectrum of clients. This firm is highly recommended by professionals in and outside the Oil & Gas industry. Its clientele consists of multinational corporations, international and local mid-sized companies, who are each seeking excellence and efficiency in legal and tax advisory services, so as to be able to stay up to date in the changeable nature of the oil and gas industry. Globalisation and its effects on national and international legislation are predominant factors for the advancements in these industries, and to stay relevant and competitive, clients require responsive, cutting-edge solutions that take into account continuously developing legislation. Kenswil & Co’s pragmatic yet pioneering approach allows its team to devise and implement effective solutions to address the demands of their clients’ international and domestic operations rapidly and competently. The team of highly qualified tax and general lawyers and accountants take part in regular training and programmes to maintain their knowledge and insights of the industry. As oil and gas specialists based in the country, the team is able to offer unparalleled knowledge and advice to inform legal decision-making in this dominant sector of the global economy. The firm’s partnership with HBN Law & Tax and Andersen Global gives access to even more knowledge and experience that Kenswil & Co is able to use to enhance its service offering. As some of the largest law firms in the Caribbean, these collaborative partnerships cultivate profound and varied perspectives on tax and legal practice across localities and regions, together providing an extensive pool of resources and insight from which Kenswil & Co is able to source top-notch advice and ideal solutions for its clients. At the same time, however, Kenswil & Co avoids engaging in politics, in order to avoid conflicts and maintain neutrality as an unbiased provider of solutions that are designed solely to best serve their clients. Creating solutions powered only by innovation, industry knowledge, and understanding of their clients is where the team of lawyers and accountants thrive. The firm’s international experience of the oil and gas industry maintains its position at the cutting edge of the developing industry in Suriname, making it a premier choice for clients across the country and beyond. As the leading firm of its kind, Kenswil & Co also seeks to give back to the community of Suriname. Using its knowhow and resources, the firm carries out pro bono work designed to make a lasting impact on the social and economic challenges faced by the country. Over the years, this work has encompassed supporting low income families, investing in young entrepreneurs, advising on national projects and guiding government policy. The firm’s corporate responsibility is just as integral to the firm’s infrastructure as its work with clients and as such, receives the same level of expertise, proactiveness, quality awareness, and responsiveness that Kenswil & Co has become nationally synonymous with. The high quality of service offered by the firm has not been impeded by the ongoing pandemic, as Kenswil & Co was already operating on a fully digitalised working environment that facilitated remote working prior to the outbreak. As such, the firm has been able to stay in close contact with their clients through virtual mediums, continuing to offer their market-leading services and sound advice throughout an unprecedented year. Whilst this has meant continued successful development for Kenswil & Co, the firm harbours no fierce ambition to grow into the biggest legal firm with the most clients and largest team. Instead, the firm will continue to operate as a leading boutique tax and law firm of Suriname, which measures its success in the high quality of its services and the satisfaction of its clients. Company: Kenswil & Co NV Contact: Mr. Siegfried Kenswil LL.M. CTA | [email protected] Website: K