Software and Technology Awards 2021

8 | Software and Technology Awards 2021 Most Innovative Cost-Saving Building Development Solution 2021: KeyCom® A company working hard to make the best video security systems for the market in which it operates, My Video Intercom, or MVI Systems, has been making a name for itself with consistent innovation. Across the board, its solutions have become synonymous with consistent updates and developments that improve the security of the buildings in which its work is implemented for both building managers and end users, allowing for complete peace of mind and a sense of security for its customers and the buildings they look after. y Video Intercom – or MVI Systems – is a software development company first and foremost, one that focuses on serving the multifamily and commercial building market with bold new solutions. Fundamentally, these are intercom systems that can be integrated into any number of buildings, becoming more and more sophisticated as innovations push forward and the industry grows alongside updates and developments to increase progress in terms of functionality, security, convenience, and service. Over the years it has been in operation, MVI Systems has quickly realised that working within its market means consistent development in order to remain competitive. Therefore, it funnelled significant effort into making this a possibility, with its own in-house researchers and developers working hard to design and engineer products like its KeyCom Smart Video Door Kiosk and Software Platform. In essence, by increasing the sophistication of its own technologies, it ensures its own relevance to the market. The work that MVI Systems undertakes has made it an invaluable voice in the wider industry of building integrated video solutions and a leader for the constant upgrades to such solutions, bearing the torch so that its peers might follow. Each upgrade that it makes, in addition, focuses on the satisfaction of the end user and the client as a priority; every new step forward is a step towards total customer satisfaction in every way, and will ‘further improve the resident experience’. Thus, its clients can always rest assured that it will be focusing on how to make their building a better living space and a more manageable building in general. It has gone out of its way to integrate brand new technologies such as state-of-the-art facial recognition, for example – as well as artificial intelligence software – in order to make its KeyCom offering an enhanced security solution in everything from its usability to its functionality. There is truly nothing else like it on the market, and thus its clientele have come to expect the best of the best when it comes to this innovative and new solution. Indeed, MVI Systems has been able to consistently rise to this challenge by cultivating a reputation for being a forward-thinking business that focuses in on the reliability that must infuse all of its solutions. In all things, MVI Systems wishes to become the company that building managers and end users everywhere can trust, building a reputation for being a steadfast and watertight solution to video-based security services that will offer peace of mind, safety, and ease of use. With solutions available to multi-family builds, commercial markets, dealers, and residents, it ensures that a building manager can control all of a specific building’s activities. Moreover, to allow for this it includes the provision of an intuitive web platform through which it can control all building activities, allowing them to get an overview of the status of the technologies in place, the building in general, and the current status of various factors at play. With total control and a comprehensive view, MVI System’s proprietary access control abilities use multiple advanced technologies to allow the granting and denying of access to the building, as well as the ability to monitor maintenance service requests, communicate with residents, manage visitors and deliveries, and message maintenance personnel. With a penchant for consistent and impressive improvement of each of its services across the board, MVI Systems promises that this will continue long into the future as it works towards brighter goals. Company: My Video Intercom Contact: [email protected] Website: 8 | Legal Elite Awards 2021 M Sep21432