Software & Technology Awards 2020

6 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Nov20339 Best Digital Streaming Specialists - Midwest USA The software and technology industry is one of the biggest in the world, generating over 350 billion dollars in 2019. One company operating within this sector was recently recognized in New World Report’s Software and Technology Awards 2020 is StepNorth Media. At the head of this operation is Mr John Nance, who took the time to speak with us to show us his business, taking us through his website and explaining what separates StepNorth Media from its competitors. he world is becoming more technology focussed, this has been especially true during 2020 where many companies had to swap out traditional methods of working in favour of working from home. The issue with this however is that not everyone is well versed in the realm of technology. StepNorth Media looks to help solve this issue when it comes to their clients, by ensuring they offer a full service, as John advised during our call and what is published on the StepNorth Media website “We take an ‘ALL IN’ approach to technology assuring our clients have access to the required resources for success. Our clients are provided with access to all of the resources and experience of our brain, which provides our clients with the highest probability for success!” “We are entertainment, media, broadcasting and technology experts with years of experience, demonstrated proficiency and an impressive history of end to end - single source professional services, fully resourced for full cycle project design, development, full cycle implementation from concept to implementation. We provide end to end single source services.” Like many live streaming services out there, StepNorth Media acknowledges that unlimited bandwidth is akin to their success. As John puts it, “Unlimited bandwidth means greater possibilities.” Hence the reason StepNorth Media can offer a multitude of services including Digital Radio Streaming, Webcasting, Internet Radio Hosting and much more. The unlimited bandwidth that StepNorth Media operates under not only allows for more possibilities for clients, but also allows for a high level of uptime, something the firm can boast about with 99.99% since 2011. One of the reasons the software and technology is so profitable is its scope – reaching all over the world, therefore for a company to be successful within it they have to do the same. This is something that does not appear to be lost on StepNorth media whose Digital Radio and TV Stations operate in over 150 countries. As well as a being global, companies operating within the software and technology sector have to be adaptable. StepNorth demonstrates this by making their content available via an app that can be downloaded to a mobile device as well as online media player that is also optimised to work on mobile devices. John informed us that the reason this was developed was because it meant that more people could access it. He told us that he has found people are fed up with their mobile device being clogged up with lots of apps, so StepNorth’s online media player is also mobile friendly, so if listeners don’t have the space on their mobile device for the app, they can still listen online as the website is optimized for this. Something else you will find is very common amongst software and technology companies is their forward thinking, future planning and consideration on what trends are currently looking like as well as what they will look like in the future. StepNorth Media is no exception to this and they use their platform to share this information with their clients, as you will see when looking at their website, they say “Technology is ever changing and it's important to us that we share the latest trends as well as what's coming up next in technology. As a result from time to time we will host free sessions to keep you informed.” Contact: John Nance Company: StepNorth Media Web Address: T