Software & Technology Awards 2020

4 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Founded in 2008, FlexRule is the leading provider of end-to-end decision automation platform. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s VP of Customer Success, Goli Tajadod to find out more about how FlexRule has established an enviable reputation in the industry for being one of the leading innovators in digital decisioning today. ituated in Melbourne, FlexRule is passionate about helping companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operational decisions that are influenced by frequent changes across business rules, processes, data, analytics and robotics in regulated environments. To begin, Goli gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Collectively, our vision is to enable organisations to respond to changes in business operations effectively and efficiently. To do that, we empower them by providing the most comprehensive digital decisioning platform, a unified, low-code, go-to platform to successfully deliver end-to-end decision automation that is aligned with their business objectives. “With this vision, we started FlexRule back in 2008 and released the public version in 2010. It was commercially launched as a full end- to-end decision automation solution around four years ago. Since then, we have acquired many customers around the world such as terrorist screening for a security service provider in the Netherlands, anti-money laundering for a business consultancy in Portugal, office automation using decision robotics for a legal firm based in Melbourne, and import/export foods and drugs company in the Middle East and North America. For over a decade, we have been building the right set of skills and experiences for developing solutions for end-to-end decision automation, since most of our clients are international and are from government agencies, banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy and utilities.” FlexRule works with a range of customers from different industries and sizes. Moreover, as Goli goes on to explain, working with such a varied client base has allowed the firm to differentiate itself from some of its closest competitors. “As a small organisation with a big vision, we need to be different. Unlike some of the bigger brands, we don’t have any privileges or a safety net. Therefore, we have to make sure we can differentiate ourselves in multiple other aspects, from our technology and methodology to solve a problem to commercial, support, and product development.” “Naturally, we look at solving problems from a different angle that brings significant value to our customers. A comprehensive solution gives our customers the comfort, and insurance against their unknown requirements they might face. Additionally, our transparent and straightforward commercial model allows our customers to utilise all technology parts without worrying about the cost. Lastly, through a hands-on approach, the support team here are considered an extension of the customer’s team. The customers’ requirements are also naturally the core driver of our product development.” Oct20119 Leading Innovator in Digital Decisioning 2020 S “...we empower them by providing the most comprehensive digital decisioning platform, a unified, low-code, go-to platform to successfully deliver end-to- end decision automation that is aligned with their business objectives.”