Software & Technology Awards 2020

16 | Software & Tech Awards 2020 Oct20864 Based in Texas, QJumpers is a leading provider of cloud-based recruitment and sourcing technology. Following its well-deserved success in the Software & Technology Awards 2020, we got in touch with Simon Oldham to find out more about one of the best recruitment software providers in Southern USA today. Best Recruitment Software Provider - Southern USA Established more than a decade ago, QJumpers began with the goal of bringing flexibility to the recruitment process for recruiters and candidates alike. Going into further detail, Simon begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more of an insight into its typical clientele. “Originally founded in New Zealand, QJumpers is an innovative cloud- based sourcing and applicant tracking system. We were the first to fully embed an AI web talent sourcing tool into an ATS and using gamification with talent pool matching technologies. As new technology has become available, we have continued to develop our offerings. “Following the competition is not what we do, and our clients are instrumental in helping us to decide our product roadmap. Although we have clients across all sectors, we mainly work in the middle-sized market in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. During our time clients have included the likes of Toyota, FC Dallas, Greenpeace, BDO, SPCA and Bupa. As a whole, our goal is to make finding and hiring talent as fast and painless as possible for our clients through AI, automation, and collaboration. Company values are centred around our family approach to business, and through a close-knit unit we are able to work in a passionate, fun, honest, open, reliable, sustainable, healthy, innovative, and energetic manner.” Having come from New Zealand where the recruitment process is generally a lot more collaborative, QJumpers has managed to remain at the forefront of the industry largely due to its system which is well suited to remote hiring as Simon is keen to highlight. “Even before COVID-19 hit, the mid-market was heading towards a remote hiring recruitment direction, and our system has been developed specifically for this. Being able to source passive skilled talent from further afield or hire remote workers during the pandemic has been hugely beneficial. Our system has automated AI sourcing and onboarding tools fully embedded into the recruitment system which makes QJumpers a very unique recruitment system. Many of our clients led the development pathway through great partnerships - and will continue to do so.” In regards to recruitment, the firm typically look for candidates who can fit into its family orientated internal culture as Simon goes on to explain. “Everyone at QJumpers has each other’s back and support each other just like a family would. So, to support this we look for people who would work well in our team. To reach successful outcomes, we want open communication so that nothing is swept under the carpet, problems can be solved, and innovation fostered. Everyone has a job title, but we don’t work in silos. We want staff who are happy to step outside of their job description and help out other staff members when needed.” In his upbringing Simon and his family were lucky enough to have the first personal computer in their home town. He learnt how to program games and from there, his interest in computers increased further which continued into his career as he goes on to explain. “My first job involved using technology to match colour for paper and textiles. Using automated colour matching machines, we ensured that continuous paper machines always produced the correct colour paper. Later, a friend in an education company told me that they were looking to build some software to match graduates directly to jobs. At the time, this was not being done in the Asia-Pacific region and I wanted an exciting project in technology, so I decided to join what was to become QJumpers. Although we didn’t know it at the time, we started off building what was to become an Applicant Sourcing and Tracking System!” Bringing the interview to a close, Simon signs off by commenting on what the future holds for the firm as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “As QJumpers continues to evolve, we are always looking for new technologies that can bring solutions to customer problems or improvements to current processes. Sometimes we build our own solutions and sometimes we find best of breed technologies and embed their capabilities into our recruitment software. Currently we are extending our AI matching tools to predict better matches of applicants to jobs and working with technologies to better handle confidential information. However, our major focus is separating out our AI web search tool Global Search & Match from our ATS and turning it into its own product. Inevitably, this will open new markets for us such as the enterprise level market as well as staffing agencies who already love this tool but have their own ATS.” Company: QJumpers Contact: Simon Oldham Website: E