Q4 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2019 5 NEWS , Enterprise drone operators must abide by all public airspace regulations and they also need to follow the operational, security, and compliance rules set by their or- ganization. But how does an enterprise define, configure, and enforce those rules? How can it ensure that its drone operators are meeting all necessary requirements and that its drone program best serves organizational goals? Enter AirMap’s Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) Center. The EOM Center allows enterprises, in particular those with infra- structure assets such as oil and gas, energy, telecommunication, transportation, and construction companies, to create customized drone operation zones and assign them company-specific geo-spa- tial and operational rules. Enterprise drone operations managers can then use AirMap’s EOM Center to create airspace zones and geo-fences to map their assets, monitor and authorize enterprise drone operation requests, and track and report missions in real time. The rules they choose to set can range from operational procedures (e.g., ‘flights over the refinery require additional clearance from the operations manager on duty’) to restrictions (‘no flights are allowed over the staff parking lot.’) Unlike public airspace rules, which apply to all drone operators and are publicly available on the AirMap platform, these enterprise rules are customizable and private—they can only be seen by authorized users who have been assigned to perform drone operations on the company’s behalf. By using the AirMap platform, enterprises can en- sure they are in compliance with all public airspace regulations while safely completing their organization’s mission. Here’s how it works: • When participating enterprises’ drone operations managers and approved drone operators log in to the AirMap for Drones ap- plication or an integrated partner application, they can see both the contextual airspace regulations and the rules that govern their company drone operations. • These rules can include a customized pre-flight checklist that enterprise drone operators must complete prior to their mission to collect required data, such as employee ID numbers or work order numbers, and to ensure safety compliance. • When the drone operator submits a flight plan, the AirMap plat- form processes all airspace authorization requests through the relevant airspace authority and makes sure all enterprise flight requests are sent to the designated drone operations manager. • Once the flight plan is approved and the mission is underway, the drone operations manager can monitor live flight telemetry and view work order details or custom information from active and previous flights. • AirMap’s EOM Center also tracks all mission plans and opera- tions, allowing enterprises to monitor compliance. We are excited about the EOM Center because it makes it easier for enterprises to safely and efficiently scale their drone operations. We’re also excited that AirMap operators can now receive customized airspace intelligence and advisories that are relevant to their particular missions, while still keeping the low altitude airspace safe for all. AirMap’s enterprise rulesets are embedded into its Developer Platform APIs and SDKs, enabling enterprise UAS solution developers to seam- lessly integrate enterprise rules and advisories into their products. TruHorizon Environ- mental Solutions has recently announced that Bryce Docker has joined its techni- cal services sales team. “For over a decade, our goal at TruHorizon has been to protect the health, welfare, and sur- roundings of the communities we serve. We’ve accomplished this by partnering with great companies in the energy indus- try to reduce their impact on these communities. The hiring of Bryce Docker represents an exciting time for TruHorizon, as we expand our technical ex- pertise and service offerings to the construction and industrial markets. Bryce’s education and experience will allow us to sup- port clients across all industries with their environmental and regulatory compliance needs,” said Michael W. Harlan, TruHo- rizon’s Chief Executive Officer. Bryce Docker has 20 years of experience in environmental engi- neering and consulting with an emphasis on acoustics and vibra- tion. Bryce’s previous experience comes from such notable compa- nies as Bell Helicopter and Brüel & Kjær, where he has worked with other engineers to devel- op innovative noise reduction technologies. Bryce is a graduate of Penn State with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Engineering in Acoustics. He is a member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the Acoustical Society of America. TruHorizon Announces Expansion of Its Technical Service Offerings TruHorizon is a full-service environmental solutions company, headquartered in the Dallas-Fort WorthMetroplex, with operations strategically located in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Texas. TruHorizon supports the North American energy, construction and industrial markets with turnkey solutions for noise and vibration control, air quality monitoring, stormwater management and inspections, and compliance management.

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