Q4 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2019 21 , Phoenix American Financial Services Announces New Client Partnership with RealBlocks Phoenix American Financial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce its new client partnership with RealBlocks. The Company will support RealBlocks with its advanced transfer agent system and industry leading investor services platform as well as fund accounting and reporting services. RealBlocks will benefit from Phoenix American's combi- nation of advanced technology, focus on customer service and long experience with the unique operational requirements of inno- vative offerings in the alternative investment fund industry. Based in New York, Real- Blocks democratizes access to alternative investments by digitizing shares of funds over a blockchain-enabled network. The network is designed to create enhanced levels of liquidity and access for the traditionally complex world of alternatives, thereby enabling fund manag- ers, financial intermediaries and investors greater control and impact over their performance. With the ongoing innovation and growing sophistication of alternative investment vehicles and the increased regulato- ry compliance they require, advanced operational solutions are critical to the success of today's fund sponsors. Phoenix American has combined the most efficient systems and back office processes in alternative investments since its origins as a fund sponsor in 1972. The Company's industry leading STAR-XMS transfer agent sys- tem, which integrates all back office functions for alternative funds, was developed from the Company's direct experience as a fund sponsor as well as decades of experience as a third party administrator for alterna- tive investment funds. "Technological innovation is a core value of our vision for the fu- ture of the alternatives markets," stated Perrin Quarshie, Founder & CEO of RealBlocks. "In work- ing with Phoenix American, we believe that their forward-thinking and expertise in the industry will help us to deliver our clients a best-in-class experience. "RealBlocks is pioneering blockchain technology while delivering value-added solutions to investors," said Andrew Con- stantin, Senior Vice President, Operations at Phoenix American. "We're excited to bring them on as a client to further enable their success through our indus- try-leading transfer agent and fund accounting solutions."