USBN Q4 2018

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q4 2018 15 Continued Upward Trend in Consumers Planning Online Purchases over the Holiday Period CMO and co-founder of OHT. He believes the most significant trends are the overall increase of consumer intentions to carry out online purchases over the holiday period compared to last year and the strengthening of Black Friday’s dominance as ‘king of the shopping events’ in the U.S., alongside its significance in Brazil and Britain, which contrasts with the date’s declining significance in nearly all other markets surveyed. Kaufman concluded: “If U.S. e-commerce companies want to stop the weakening of Black Friday in Europe and Japan, they should direct their marketing efforts towards these territories. Among other measures, U.S. companies should consider localizing their websites to the languages of their target countries, since many studies have proven that consumers over the globe preferring making purchases in their own mother tongue.”