Q3 2019

US BUSINESS NEWS / Q3 2019 5 NEWS , VVDN Technologies, a leading product engineering, cloud and manufactur- ing company, and Bugcrowd, the #1 crowdsourced security company, has recently announced a strategic partner- ship to extend security services for their customers. With this partnership, VVDN will offer services to its customers based on Bugcrowd’s award-winning Crowdcontrol™ platform and programs, and also provide com- plementary engineering services to Bugcrowd customers to help remediate vulnerabilities found by the Crowd. VVDN is a premier original design manufacturer (ODM) for cloud-managed IoT solutions with more than 2,000 engineers across nine design centers and four manufacturing plants in In- dia, as well as a global presence across the U.S., Canada, Eu- rope, and Asia. Bugcrowd com- bines the largest, experienced triage team with the most trusted hackers around the world to support enterprise organizations in managing their Bug Bounty, Vulnerability Disclosure, and Next Gen Pen Test programs. Through the partnership, VVDN customers will gain access to Bugcrowd’s crowdsourced security solutions and platform. Bugcrowd security researchers will be provided more program opportunities, including assisting VVDN customers who opt in Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) has published its first open source project today, an OpenFMB device simulator, which it hopes will accelerate the development, testing and adoption of distribut- ed energy resources (DERs) that use the OpenFMB messaging and data model. Interoperability framework Open- FMB was developed in response to the proliferation of DERs, such as wind and solar power, and the resulting, increasingly-critical need for greater cohesion and information sharing among these systems. OpenFMB enables effective, feature rich, integration and interoperability of devices and systems out to the grid edge, underpinning the transition to smarter, more flexible energy systems. Utilities stand to gain cost and performance benefits from the use of OpenFMB and other open standard interoperability frameworks and accelerate their transition to Distribution System Operator business models, or- chestrating the operation of large numbers of active, flexible DERs. Bob Currie, chief technology officer of SGS, said: “We have been working with OpenFMB and its underlying technologies for two years. This device simula- tor project, which we’ve made publicly available for free, helps the utility and technology com- munity understand, develop and test what we believe is a critical interoperability standard and framework for the future grid.” SGS product developments have already supported OpenFMB demonstration projects for San Diego Gas & Electric in the US and Northern Powergrid in the UK. Dr Currie continued: “We think our OpenFMB simulator will be a valuable contribution to address- ing smart grid interoperability needs for distributed energy resources.” The OpenFMB interoperability standard was recently ratified by North-American standards agen- cy, NAESBE. OpenFMB is under stewardship of UCAIug. with code assessment projects. Additionally, new joint remedia- tion services will allow customers access to VVDN engineers with expertise in IoT, mobile, and cloud, addressing a key hurdle faced by customers when active- ly moving through the SDLC -- having the engineering resources to fix found bugs. “We are thrilled by the strategic fit between Bugcrowd and VVDN,” said Vivek Bansal, co-founder and President, Engineering of VVDN. “By combining the power of the Bugcrowd and our expert engineers, we’ll be able to de- liver against our customers’ fast changing security and develop- ment requirements.” “VVDN’s confidence in Bug- crowd’s platform and Crowd enables VVDN’s industry-leading customers to enhance their se- curity posture with our crowd- sourced security offerings,” said Ashish Gupta, CEO of Bugcrowd. “Similarly, Bugcrowd customers can now augment their engineer- ing capacity with VVDN’s trained engineering resources to help fix vulnerabilities found by our Crowd, and quickly deliver fixes to known security issues.” VVDN and Bugcrowd have already demonstrated the power of the partnership with several customers, and will continue to jointly leverage the combined offering to help more leading companies secure their digital assets. Supporting The Integration Of Clean Energy To The Grid VVDN and Bugcrowd Partner to Expand Security Services Smarter Grid Solutions publishes open source OpenFMB device simulator to support integration of clean energy to the grid. Strategic partnership provides customers with extended security and engineering resources to identify and remediate risk throughout the SDLC.